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Get A Move-On, Looksmart?

My 'wish' is that a "BR" buy-in share-deal (that includes a 'back-door' listing - with a new name/ticker symbol, etc) is a part of that strategic plan...

Get a move-on, Looksmart?

"In B-to-B startups you can have a lot of buzz and a few amazing clients banging your door down and still have a product that doesn't really do much."

"There is a case for going slow, to a point. -- Your product has to provide real value to your users. .... You need to have a viable business model, know the metrics you need to make it work, and be on the path to meeting those metrics. ............And then you need a way to get to customers and convince them to sign up and/or pay." [Play]

"You need all these things before you can feel comfortable ramping up the spend. But if customers love your product, if those customers are profitable customers & if those customers start presenting themselves, either directly or by making themselves extremely easy to get in front of, then you should let them become customers."

What a great article from an (Angel) Investor, Jerry Neumann.


Disclosure: Long LOOK