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DoubleClick Ad On Facebook?

Facebook Exchange explained: A huge new market for real-time ...

< Facebook hasn't released an official list of the DSPs it is working with - though Google's DoubleClick has notably been excluded - but two that are active in the UK, MediaMath & Turn have made their participation public.>

In the UK

< MediaMath VP of business operations for EMEA Greg Williams told TheMediaBriefing:

"The opportunity across RTB is huge. In the UK alone, last month we saw 38 billion opportunities to bid (for ad space). Before the launch of Exchange, you could only run Facebook ads via their console.

"But now, now they have provided a way for buyers to bid on their inventory in these automated markets. You are looking at something that allows everyone to get access in the marketplace."

Facebook Exchange does more than just free up a huge amount of new inventory for real-time bidding... For the first time, marketers can now target Facebook users based on information collected from their activity on the rest of the web.>

UHMmm? (Here, in OZ?)

DoubleClick Ad on Facebook? (Served by Eyeblaster?)

Lexus Australia

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Google (SERP) results page

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Facebook Advertising | The Exact Audience You Want With Relevant Targeted Ads.


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This ad (I feel), was served via MediaMind's Eyeblaster

AdServing technologies provide the platform from which all digital media campaigns are measured and controlled. Eyeblaster, DoubleClick and Facilitate Digital conduct customised education in the practice of AdServing implementation, system capabilities and advanced features.

McAfee Communities: How to remove PUP (Cookie Eyeblaster)? › ... › Corporate User AssistanceDiscussions

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I'm using McAfee Enterprise, and I see that the Cookie-Eyeblaster is deleted almost everyday, while I visit only legit websites (gmail, msn, facebook). ... party ad serving providers, including DoubleClick, (NYSE:AOL), ...

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Just 'thinking out loud', as so often is the case.


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