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Is partial to a little CENSORSHIP itself, maybe?


There has been .. One Response to (a good article today over @ AdExchanger), “The Evolution of Our Data-Driven Ecosystem

My own comment (and, as advised) awaiting moderation.

And I suspect (as has been the case before over @, that my (the comment pasted below & made there earlier today), will not be getting past the CENSORSHIP brigade, I feel. 

Part of what clearly is (and pages of circumstantial evidence surely IS so damning - no?), now.. almost past the "conspiracy" level, or, it's certainly way behond any semblance of what could be deemed as being reasonable fair-minded-ness.


One Response to “The Evolution of Our Data-Driven Ecosystem

Brilliant article. Very well put. The parallels to Wall Street and the Quant revolution that ensued there are likely to arrive here too with the attempt to "Seek Alpha" in the ad ecosystem. Not quite the stakes of the global stock market, but large enough to engender some very profitable businesses.


-- Pradeep Javangula
Founder & CTO, Tumri Inc.


By Pradeep Javangula on Nov 23, 2010  

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I agree with you Pradeep, that it is a very good (and such a so well written), article. (Thanks to Darren Herman)

Darren, I myself have described you as being 'a clever person' & have (in fact), made mention of yourself in no fewer that four InstaPosts (so clumsily penned, of my own 'thoughts'), over at Seeking Alpha.

I feel that the very 1st of those (April 23, 2010 - and of 297 posts in all), may more than likely tell of where we will be, come 2011 & then onwards, into the immediate future ...

Thanks again.

Ross Bradley


By Ross Bradley on Nov 23, 2010
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