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CENSORSHIP (on the web) could be coming to an IP address, near you?

Mathew is an impressive young man, a former 'school-mate' of my son who I have seen grow up to be the 'fine young bloke', that he is.

Mathew has younger brothers and in a discussion had on Facebook, he declared his own concerns in regards to targeting of IP addresses with ill-directed Ads. Part of our discussion included 'his own' following thoughts:

"Wow yeah but sometime ads have adverse evicts on society as a whole. It's fine to have ads but it has to be monitored and if it is ads for a certain age it has to be under control. Teenagers are very susceptible to body type issues and alcoholic advertising" [sic]

I replied, as follows:

That is so true too, Mathew. And I agree entirely. There are problems that they will have there is never a guarantee as to exactly "who" is using a 'machine', at any particular time....

Mathew .. There is a "huge" issue ATM, in regards to the misuse by/of technology Co's in their accessing (and then using) a persons (individual) IP 'address' in a wrongful fashion.

[Added Dec. 20th .......

You’d think they would have taken a hint about data-sharing transparency from the online world, but WSJ found even worse stuff: 47 apps transmitted device location details in some fashion and five sent age, gender and other personal details to third parties, all without explicit explanation or permission from the user.> ]

.......In fact, Germany's own (the Berlin) Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information have now given "Do no Evil" Google eight weeks to improve it's service relating to such a critical point that (I really feel), concerns the future (in, both the freedom & stability), of the internet.

......"If Google fails to do so, the DPAs will commence enforcement actions against German companies using Google Analytics on their websites.

The DPAs are primarily concerned with the fact that the Google Analytics software illegally transfers [it's] users’ IP addresses to the United States."

discussion on this (be it, mostly true or, false), is contained in this 'industry' published 'exchange' and within the comments, as have been made here:

Thanks for your interest on this (so serious) matter.

(Feel free to ask me of how I believe that Yahoo Finance had possibly placed two 'virus'-like attacks on my own IP address over a 24 hr period, that had infected two computers. - This, the rendering them to now be, both useless, had followed two simple [and, separate] 'visits' made to their website, by me.


Well, you need to bear in mind that I have had an ongoing 'battle' [or, have had regular 'run-ins'?] with Yahoo Finance for quite a number of years now. - So to say the least [ha!], while I am NOT exactly popular in regards to 'SOME-ONE'S OWN SELFISH INTEREST' at this site, any un-called for CENSORSHIP [on the web] must be avoided at all costs.)