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 Instablog Posts Are Not Selected, Edited Or, Screened?

Seeking Alpha advise, that: "Instablogs are blogs which are instantly set up and networked within the Seeking Alpha community.

Instablog posts are not selected, edited or screened by Seeking Alpha editors, in contrast to contributors' articles." (WHY, then?)

Again, I would ask Seeking Alpha - "why hath thou forsaken me"?

I'm more than just a 'little' upset (pissed off), ATM..It seems (and for a 2nd time now) my opinions posted on this blog-are being CENSORED!

This whole business about censorship (be it even the case of what's considered as being 'market sensitive' THOUGHTS that are being posted) is questionable. Certainly in the situation of say, Julian Assange, with data that is considered as being information ONLY privy to levels of Govt/s or, persons who may have been 'approved' by Govt - are able to be across such information..


Why are we [as Govts] allowing Corporations any such 'privileges'?

Where (with or, through corruption or, threats of a 'black-ban' made or, even other 'sweeteners'), co-operation is gained/had - and ONLY to the benefit of those within - the very Corporations. (And, in the case of Looksmart, much evidence on this, can be provided)

What would have happened (back in 1941) had some-one from within the privileged who (among the various parties high in the U.S. and or, British governments - - who are said to have known well in advance of an attack on Pearl Harbour) had 'leaked' it to MSM? (Meaning, MainStream Media.)

My own 'posted thoughts' (that appear to be in question- with some hyperlinks missing), have been posted as a 'comment' to my previous Seeking Alpha post.

I invite someone from Seeking Alpha to reply (if possible), here on my blog as previous E Mail contacts have not (as yet) been fully replied to.