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OpenX serving more than 300 Billion Ads monthly & will soon get to Grow more with Japan on-board?

I've posted much here on OpenX and it is felt that it too, is simply (yet) another that is a 'clone' of the Microsoft, (Newscorp?) and, built to scale, Looksmart AdCenter platform.

And the 'coming together' of the new and so much more fairer (global) ecosystem is a 'job on it's own', in just trying to keep up with it all.

Compatibilty among partners is a 'key' ingredient, no doubt.

Certainly most important at a "Premium" Ad/publisher level.

< Mpire presently boasts over 50 clients, while AdXpose is integrated into Microsoft's Atlas, Yahoo's Yield Manager, ValueClick's Mediaplex MOJO, Zedo and OpenX. >

Mpire Poised To Announce Partnership With AOL's ADTECH

That OpenX platform (in being partners of Orange) helps advertisers buy quality European ad inventory in a transparent real-time bidded marketplace. -

AdExchanger (today), indirectly tells of yet another OpenX platform involvement.

[Mobile Ad Network Jumptap Going Global As Dentsu-owned CCI Makes Investment]

I had made mentioned before of the (OpenX-Dentsu) partnership & that from within a "ClickZ" article it was even suggested that [read more coverage from ClickZ'z Adaline Lau] no [other] independent ad exchange provider had yet entered the Japanese market. But I'm not so sure on that, is what I mused in this posting.

[Note, that Jason Fairchild, chief revenue officer at OpenX, explained that CCI works with more than 400 ad agencies in Japan and boasts a deep network of about 1,000 publishers representing almost 100 percent internet reach into the Japanese audience.]

So, in the mean-time (in a market that is none the wiser), Looksmarts own share-price value - one that is so drastically under-valued (I feel), has Market-Makers accumulating as many as is at all possible (and are getting so few?) - in their suppressing of the Co's true worth, daily.

LOOK: 3:57PM EST: $2.0101  Up 0.0101 (+0.50%)


ps; comScore Ups Its Ad Effectiveness With AdXpose Acquisition

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...