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WikiLeaks is a terrorist organisation? And .. "We should: Kill him." ?

Just recieved an E Mail (reproduced below, in full) and I read these 1st lines telling me, that in relation to WikiLeaks ....

"We should treat Mr. Assange the same way as other high-value terrorist targets: Kill him." -- Jeffrey T. Kuhner, The Washington Times1

Click here to call for basic justice for Australian citizens from our US ally and to take a stand for free speech.

Dear Ross,

Members of the US Congress are branding WikiLeaks a terrorist organisation and calling for its chief, Australian citizen Julian Assange, to be thrown in Guantanamo Bay.2 Sarah Palin wants Julian Assange hunted as a terrorist3 and a column in The Washington Times, among others, has called for Assange's assassination.4

Australia and the US have fought together to safeguard some of the very liberties threatened by these extremist calls from the US: the rule of law, freedom of speech and the press. It's time to tell the U.S., this is no way to treat a friend. Such a strong statement will shake up the US media and serve as a wake up call to US leaders about the damage being done to their international reputation by these calls for violence and persecution.

As the Australian Government has shown little willingness to challenge these US statements, it's up to us. Let's cut through diplomatic channels by sending our own powerful statement, as tens of thousands of Australian citizens, direct to President Barrack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder. Click below to sign up:

There are those who question what WikiLeaks have done in releasing hundreds of leaked diplomatic cables, and Julian Assange is facing serious sexual assault charges in Sweden, unrelated to WikiLeaks, which he must answer. But this isn't about one man's guilt or innocence, it's about basic values of free speech and the rule of law. It's about upholding an important principle: every Australian citizen should be safe from threats of violence and persecution, especially from our allies, and should be accorded with basic justice.

It's also about the chilling affect on free speech and a free press that these threats can have. They discourage other whistleblowers from revealing corruption and government deception and news organisations from publishing those revelations. Speak out for freedom of speech by signing up to our powerful statement:

Make no mistake, these calls for assassination and execution are just the beginning. They'll be used as a launching pad for an all out assault on freedom of speech and the press that will affect us all. For if the U.S. media is gagged, the whole world will be denied essential information about one of the most influential government's in the world.

In fact, U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, Chair of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee, said that the New York Times should also be investigated for publishing a number of the diplomatic cables leaked to WikiLeaks.5 But we can help stop these plans in their tracks, by showing how they're affecting the image of the US in the eyes of their staunchest friends and allies.

Click here to sign the statement calling for basic justice for Australian citizens and to stand up for freedom of information.

Thank you for creating an international incident,
The GetUp Team

PS - If we get members on board with the statement, we will print it in a full page ad in The Washington Times--one of the papers that called for Assange's assassination. If we can get enough people signing up to the statement, and if we can raise the money, we will print your statement in other major American newspapers, like The New York Times and Washington Post. But none of that can happen unless you add your name and tell all your friends about this important campaign.

1 Kuhner, J.T., 'Assassinate Assange?' The Washington Times, 3 December 2010 (note: the words 'Kill him' have since been removed from the online version of this column, but were in the original).

2 Congressional Record: November 30, 2010 (House)

3 Beckford, M., 'Sarah Palin: hunt WikiLeaks founder like al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders', The Telegraph (NASDAQ:UK), 30 November 2010 (quoting Sara Palin's facebook comment)

4 See Footnote 1

5 Savage, C., 'U.S. prosecuters study WikiLeaks prosecution,' The New York Times, 7 December 2010.