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OpenRTB and those "Good times ahead"

It's been 'quiet', over on the Yahoo! Finance's LOOK board for some time now. With sanity prevailing (in regards to CENSORSHIP), and the couple of hooligans 'hi-jacking' the posts having now, long gone.

jl9811 asked the question and invited comments re; the merits of LOCM and LOOK. I then couldn't resist the posting my own thoughts and have chosen the "hot" subject of OpenRTB [Re: LOOK Vs.LOCM - And the "OpenRTB"], in reply.

As a 'follow-up', I posted the following:

##... Good times ahead....  ...##

THAT, you CAN almost be assured of.

< " ......some of the dismissive comments [that] he's heard about the new OpenRTB initiative among supply-side platforms and demand-side platforms is a mistake."

He [angel investor Jerry Neumann] goes on even further and writes:

"Dismissing OpenRTB as not being really anything very interesting at all is missing the point. ........... OpenRTB is not radical change, it barely qualifies as incremental change. But it is architectural change. It is the reconfiguration of existing linkages, or the beginning of it."

< Architectural change is subtle.  It is ignorable, for the time being. 

But it may--may--be enough to change the existing architecture, the architecture that is more and more contained within Google

Those that realize this and adapt to it will prosper.  Those that dismiss it--either because it is too subtle or because they are a large incumbent and ignore those who profess to compete with them--might find themselves Xeroxed.

Build a better technology and the incumbent will copy your innovation: they will notice a better technology pretty quickly. 

What we need to do is change the competitive dynamic by shaping the architecture of the ecosystem.  This is something we can do without the permission of the Incumbent, and something the Incumbent [Google] will have a hard time responding to.>

The very aspect of providing "neutrality" (in the use of Looksmart's own AdCenter platform, at "both" ends) allows for an always "blind" (auction) marketplace that is then, favouring none.

A publisher's Data is (at all times) 'protected'. But - the Incumbent [primarily Google] then has a difficult future (and such a hard time at responding), in what lies ahead. 

You can't be operating on behalf of publishers on one hand - stealing their data - and by you then, selling it (this valuable information) onto the buyers, will go on to prove (I feel) that very 'down-fall' - that I've talked of for 'yonks'. - Publishers (who currently, are at Google's mercy), will by then, be quickly leaving in droves.

But time, WILL tell - no doubt.

Is only, my opinion.







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Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...