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DataXu may well 'share' Looksmart's (same) NEUTRALITY?

From within a post over at Yahoo [Re: LOOK Vs.LOCM - And the "OpenRTB"], the following comment was made:

<The very aspect of providing "neutrality" (in the use of Looksmart's AdCenter platform - at "both" ends) then allows for an always "blind" (auction) marketplace to function efficiently and one that is favouring none. A publisher's Data is (at all times) 'protected'.

.........But - the Incumbent [Google] has a difficult future (a hard time responding to),
in what lies ahead. >

[I might add, that 'user' Data/personal details are too, protected!! - Hello FTC?]

[22nd Dec (And, according to AdExchanger) - The FTC's inaugural chief technologist, Edward Felten tells ClickZ's Kate Kaye that the commission merely thinks that a little more user consent needs to be obtained by companies who do behavioral targeting. But he insists the call for a Do Not Track button embedded in web browsers is not a blanket ban on tracking.

"The system, as currently envisioned, would not apply to ordinary first party tracking or to a first party's use of a service provider for website analytics, assuming the service provider makes no additional use of the collected data," Felton said. - Story:]

In another post on the Yahoo! thread I had pointed out that I thought (believe), that:

#DataXu (to me), is "fronting" for Microsoft (under licence I would imagine), to "manage" the (version 1.0?), premium marketplace. (But that's all, just my initial reckoning)..#

Yes, and with LookSmart's own declared position being, the leader in the tier 2 search space.

So it all "boils down" to that ALL IMPORTANT special condition (or, position) that Looksmart holds in the "tier 2" (marketplace), called "neutrality". ok?

Check this out, from an article today:

< DataXu has some sound advice for its fellow demand-side platforms: prove your neutrality.>


< The company, which boasts of its independence, cites a question raised this summer by consultancy Garner about conflicts of interest inherent when the largest sellers of display ads also operate ad exchanges at the same time.

About the best thing an ad buyer can do to ensure that they're not the victim of conflicts is to use multiple exchanges. DataXu says you don't have to take its system's word for it, as the company's platform already connects to several exchanges that marketers can examine. >

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo??? The market (and confused punters) will one day soon 'wake-up' (or, be woken up?), as to where Looksmart stand in the new global ecosystem. - But not before!!

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