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No Apology Yet From The IAB & The DAA?

Someone is going to have to 'eat humble pie' over the next few days and in doing so -- this will then surely prove beneficial to the well-being of the Ad:tech industry in the ensuring years ahead. I've so often said so, too.

(And isn't that clearly a fundamental role of the IAB?)

It's infrastructure

A kind of infrastructure that needs to always be seen to be 'neutral' by both buyers and sellers. Plumbing that can be "equally accessed" by all partner (member) 'on-sellers' - on an equal (standard) cost (%) basis.

(vis-a-vis. Workings of the international telecommunications network.)

..Then we'll always ensure that efficiencies will determine that any good competition at both ends of the (inter-connecting) 'coal-face', can be duly rewarded. - And that there is a much cleaner (& anonymous) alternative for advertisers to target 'in-market' users, has clearly been shown.

And ...

< The eight members of Congress on it (those looking into people who collect & trade your personal information), have resoundingly denounced the companies' responses.

They're .................."only a glimpse of the practices of an industry that has operated in the shadows for years," the Caucus said in a statement, noting that "many questions about how these data brokers operate have been left unanswered."

The Caucus wasn't clear about its next move, but promised to "push for whatever steps are necessary to make sure Americans know how this industry operates and are granted control over their own information.">

The industry MUST get this right!


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