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Share Data or, experience a crippled Internet? WTF?

Few people understand how the Internet functions and how reliant it is on data at its very core. 

Asking everyday people if they would like to restrict the way the Internet uses data about them is like asking if they would like lower taxes.
[It's then fair to say, that] - Without an understanding of the trade-offs involved, everyone simply says yes.

The words are taken from an article by Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit over @ where he strongly suggest that rather than some rules "protecting" users we should Let The Consumer Decide.

And that, instead of any of us deciding what is best for others according to our own interest and agendas, [we should simply,] let people choose for themselves

Let them decide? But should they 'block' data Co's with the simple click of a button, what happens? - For those who choose to decline to share data will then find that the Internet works less effectively & they will [very quickly] develop an understanding of the ramifications [in not allowing such access to their details], of an Internet where data doesn’t flow freely.

Zach Coelius clearly feels that people have no need to be protected. And (as has been pointed out before - at the bottom of this below linked InstaPost), it's clear to me that does NOT welcome any comment that is contrary to that of the 'industry line'???

Users (according to Zach Coelius?) mustn't need protection against the distinct dangers associated with the misuse of online tracking and in the 'managing' of (in the controlling of?) a user's IP address capability - via the identification of a computer through data, apparently?

Specifically, "freedom of expression" and CENSORSHIP issues?

Zach Coelius is paying no attention what-soever (at all?) to Germany's own (the Berlin) Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, it would appear?


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