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Looksmart and Leopards - DON'T change their spots?

Looksmart shareholders are showing concerns once again. The company is late with it's posting of preliminary results for the Q4 - 2010 Period.

"the longer they take, the worse it probably means Q4 will be." says one.

Re: Large volume today

Some are forgetting that Looksmart has been proven to have 'deceived' shareholders in the most recent past.

So why wouldn't they continue on down that road?

HMmm? I mean, Leopards don't suddenly change their spots, do they?

In fact, they were proven to have clearly done so, here:

Looksmart & Leopards definitely DON'T change their spots!!

Re: LookSmart Executive Gill Brown to Speak...


LOOK: 3:59PM EST: $2.03  Down 0.04 (-1.93%)  

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.