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Looksmart's Q4 Revenues impacted by The Yahoo!-Bing Search Alliance integration

#.. .Despite the fact that the company saw disruptions associated with the YHOO/BING merger, the company reported that they are still going to be break-even to slightly profitable this quarter, which is much better than past years when the stock was at significantly higher prices...#

Still likely profitable - great CEO

And I agree with much of the above poster's sentiment.

In fact the Co (Looksmart) expects net income for the fourth quarter to be in the range of $0.0 million to $0.1 million or $0.00 to $0.01 per share, compared to a net loss of $0.9 million or $0.05 per share in the fourth quarter last year.

And in spite of the "news" when (in relation to any decrease in the company's revenues), it was explained that ......

"Yahoo! partners are our largest customer group, and all partners were affected by significantly lower revenue-per-click (RPC) following the integration that led to reduced payments and consequently lower revenues to LookSmart."

It's quite clear to me that some dopes will NEVER learn!!!

Where did "Yahoo! Partners" go? (Dramatic Impression Decrease Reason)


I mean ...... We ARE talking of Microsoft, Yahoo and the YHOO/BING merger as having significantly affected Looksmart's Q4 revenues here Folks !!!

We are also talking about the ONLY uniquely independent global (secondary) advertiser/publisher marketplace that's proven to have been (being) built to enormous scale & of a Co trimming unwanted 'fat' (and thereby further reducing it's operating costs), from it's long term requirements. And all that, is bad?

OMG !!

LOOK: Jan 12: $1.97  Down 0.06 (-2.96%)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.