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Could Chango (With Its Recent $12M In Funding) Now Buy Looksmart's Ad Network?

Chango has recently secured $12M in Funding ....With this funding, Chango (in their announcement-tell all who read it, that it), is launching Programmatic Site Retargeting (NYSEARCA:PSR), the first of several new real-time solutions being built on the Chango Madison platform.


[Web based] Marketing is all about finding audiences & individuals who have an interest in your product or, service, ok? (No more-no less.)


"Why Display Ads Will Become More Important To Search Marketers"

....."Numerous studies throughout the years have detailed display's impact on search marketing, and the impact of search data on display ad retargeting."

"Chris Sukornyk, CEO at Chango said historically, display advertising campaigns targeted "large buckets" of consumers or focused on context to find an audience.

........Advances in data management and the explosion of real-time bidding display now support highly, granular targeting that surpasses many of the features that search engine marketing campaigns do, he said, pointing to search retargeting and integrated dynamic creative pieces as examples.

"The ability to harvest and analyze audience data will help inform smarter SEM campaigns," he said. "A good example -- we capture more than six billion searches each month, as well as all our customers' first party data. By analyzing who is actually converting, we can learn what they search for in the days leading up to a conversion and discover new keywords that might help inform SEM campaigns."

Looksmart exclusively harvest 'over 5 Billion pieces of search (user intent) queries' a day from search engine partners and this then allow marketers to 'target' those very same users in real-time - or, when they next visit a publisher's site within (or, across) the uniquely independent AdCenter marketplace's growing publisher partner base.

(Mentions made, here:

Chango (like a Facebook Ad Network) is the type of Co that could be a candidate to buy Looksmart's (as its no longer required) Ad Network for them to join in-and that $12M they have just secured, may well have something to do with this.

Remembering, there can ultimately only be that ONE (special purpose) RT (real time) marketplace that's based on search, 'user intent'- considering that search intent comes in many & various (different) shapes & forms.

More on Chango:

Recently (the story is within those linked above), Chango's Ben Plowmion had pointed out that:

......."major search re-targeting companies have partnerships with large publishers-to collect billions of search terms each month from the actual searches people conducted on Google, Yahoo! and Bing." (The Chango announcement advises that Chango's Madison does collect over 6 billion searches a month from Chango's propriety Data network.)
Buying into the Looksmart marketplace (by purchasing Looksmart's ad network), can only better assist Chango advertiser partners-to further access the The Chango Partner Ecosystem.- With what results in a more efficient (real time) means of accessing 'user intent' data. - And possibly see a Chango Exchange then evolve?

Just another opinion or, consideration, only.

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