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Data (at scale) will be the "Holy Grail" in a new OPEN Marketplace

< Data capability is one of the most valuable commodities in the new RTB ecosystem.

While using data to optimise campaigns and reach the right audience is not new, data are (is?) increasingly seen as the "Holy Grail" of the RTB ecosystem.

Spending on audience targeting is expected to significantly grow in 2011 and more data-driven campaigns will tie in with other channels, such as mobile, video and social.

Providers of advanced data and analytics are in a great position to benefit from this trend.

Despite the growing number of RTB-enabled impressions, some publishers remain sceptical of the returns that DSPs provide and are reluctant to make their proprietary data available.

One of the major issues in 2011 will be the availability and quality of data, rather than the technology necessary to access it.

Yes ... Data will be the "Holy Grail", right?

So when Looksmart's (uniquely independent) Secondary (remnant) Marketplace is finally "brought together" (and I'm sure, will include the likes of both Microsoft and Yahoo inventory, plus Facebook and,  all of Newscorp's properties - for starters), how many "users" will this then provide ad buyers  (in a "one-stop-shop" massive marketplace), for Looksmart to THEN 'mine' DATA from/against, I wonder?

The (other) unique thing IS, that this data (or, at least - those many PUBLISHER SITES that users regularly visit), CAN (should, could and will) ALWAYS REMAIN fully confidential (that's blind to all) and ALL the 'mined' (treasured) 'behavioural data' will ONLY be used then or, get to be utilised by those (selected) DSP's that are soon to be fully 'inter-connected' with (and have an almost unlimited access to) their desired audience or, individually chosen 'targeted users' via (or, held within) the Looksmart AdCenter Marketplace. - Thereby cutting out a helluva lot of costly expenses entailed by/from 'shopping all over the ship' in expensive smaller ad networks. Is all, only my own opinion.

This, Looksmart's model will (also) comply with or, (could well) satisfy any FEC concerns about behavioural targeting, hopefully.

Get it, Mikey and 'the roid'?

Ha! Ha!!!


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.