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Google and Microsoft are NOW providing “open and neutral access”...

The question [Question from a newbie] was asked over on the Yahoo! Finance LOOK board and is a reasonable thought when put, as follows:

"If Looksmart's revenues are declining because of Yahoo using Bing as a search provider, what makes you think the lost revenues will come back"

Read the full thread to decide (your-self), as to why those lost revenues will come back and sooner than some may ever imagine, I feel.

The Microsoft/Bing deal will require total transparency for big brands, media houses and advertisers (in general) to confidently buy all their (this, talked of) remnant inventory (as will Google, likewise), in fully targeting users across the entire web. ...

This is (virtually) explained with Microsoft choosing AppNexus to 'handle' it's own remnant inventory.

Then, Google itself bought Invite Media  (that has been described as being, .... 'a young startup that helps advertisers optimize how they spend their money across different exchanges and platforms in real time'), for it to gain entry into this (and, soon to be, IMHO), one huge OPEN Marketplace.

Turner [Invite Media's CEO Nat Turner] added, “The DSP should not, under any circumstances, own or operate an ad network. This is in direct conflict with the neutrality aspect.”>

Looksmart (who operate or, is 'hiding' behind a small Ad Network), I feel, will soon dispose of it and may well do so by doing a 'deal' with another exchange Company called Inuvo. - Re: think about it...

My suggestion and or, question to readers is, just whose "neutral" API 'inter-connector' (and independently 'managed' marketplace) will Google's Invite Media (and other DSP's etc), be using and operating within?

Answer that one and then get to WIN plenty with LOOK, Folks!!

But as always, ONLY an opinion.


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too!