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The frustrations of being a long time LOOK shareholder

 Re: Question from a newbie

The frustrations of a long time LOOK shareholder is or, should be clear in his basically stating, that:

".... i really cant understand what you are saying. ..... I believe you have got it wrong."

I then posted my following thoughts:

My suggestions and or, questions to you or, readers are, just whose "neutral" API 'inter-connector' (and an independently 'managed' marketplace) will the likes of Google's Invite Media (and the other Exchanges, DSP's etc), be using and operating within? (For them to gain separation and protect each of their own, user data?)

Then, there's AOL !!!

< Optimism persists within AOL. “The DSPs for the most part are providing some nice options for pure play audience buying, but the way we’ve run our business is a lot more robust than that,” said Don Kennedy, svp of network sales at AOL.

“We’ve been the leader in this space the past decade,”
he continued. “I think this revolution puts us in a very good spot.”

However, it was hardly a ringing endorsement from its corporate parent that AOL attributed some of the revenue decline to the removal of placements from its own propertiesto improve the user experience.” >

Yes .. AOL has ... "removed it's owned placements from its own properties"

Why? Because AOL's is now into "pure play user / audience buying", across the [entire] web and (like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo et al), AOL will NOT be controlling that retargeting (or, the 'performance'?), global marketplace operation.

< Tim Armstrong - Chairman and CEO ..One of the things I think I mentioned in my remarks with this lead back program we built into, which is a new piece of technology, which basically allows you to kind of clone successful customers, figure out what a successful customer looks like and go find more of those people on the Internet. >

Through whose "audience buying" platform, I will ask once again?

"O" ...... Over 2000 yrs ago there was another Fella that people had trouble believing in. They still have that same problem, you may well say.

It's clear that AOL will not permit advertisers to specifically target it's very own sites, for reasons I have explained.

Microsoft are doing like-wise and are using AppNexus to look after it's own remnant (secondary marketplace) requirements.

BOTH need to be 'separated' from their own properties and thus, users going to those (their) sites.

That's the ONLY way this new system
can work in a totally 'fair' manner, to/for all players involved.

No favoritism in a 'blind' to all marketplace where users then become the 'target' (across the marketplace) and NOT specific sites, ok?

With an analytics of the 'one fits all' kind, and based on results achieved across the total marketplace.

Analytics? - It's the very reason as to why Google put a ban on AppNexus, from operating within it's Exchange marketplace.

Yet, AppNexus [then] told their clients: "We’re modifying our process of working with Google to create a new arrangement ..."

And will do EXACTLY what AOL will be doing. GOOGLE (itself) spent $70 million buying Invite Media, to 'join-in' this quickly approaching new global marketplace.

They all have 'common' ground.

That is (I feel), that they'll 'use' an independent "inter-connector" (Looksmarts) and then, ALL get to (soon) operate, in a neutral (global) marketplace.

And "O" ... If you do happen to 'find' another such (independent - neutral) marketplace that's been built to global scale, by Microsoft (current report), please let us all know, ok?


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...