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New Tier 1.5 providers with Audience Reach beyond the Tier 1 engines

AOL's is now into "pure play audience buying", across the [entire] web and (like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, et al), AOL will NOT be controlling that secondary (or, the remnant?), global marketplace operation. - [Taken from my previous two InstaPosts]

So this new (my claimed - - - Looksmart) Secondary Marketplace is (or, will mainly be), all about audience buying. (It would appear so)

In a recent SearchEngineWatch article, LookSmart Marketing Manager Kaley Dobson writes, that she thinks:

"marketers have more time to explore new partnerships in the broader search advertising market, namely with ad networks."

The ad network model is not dead, she says.

Just who are the 'new' Tier 1.5 ad networks?

Basically they are:

< Ad networks that are able to effectively aggregate thousands of individual traffic sources together -- and offer access to a significant number of queries per day -- serve as a one-stop-shop to reach a significant additional audience beyond the large search engines.>

The targeting of
'users' (at each individual impression point) and in being 'enabled' to offer access to a significant number of [such] queries per day (I strongly believe), is the basic story of what a Looksmart marketplace will provide to all it's Tier 1.5 AdCenter advertising network members that get to qualify or, participate.

They (the surviving Tier 1.5 ad networks - and according to Looksmart's Kaley Dobson) will all be enabled to then offer the following (excellent), fundamental attributes. It would very much appears so.

* Search retargeting.

* Real-time bidding with set bid parameters based on different conditions.

* Adjusted CPC based on real-time feedback from the marketplace.

Looksmart (who today announce it's Q4 2010 LookSmart Ltd. Earnings Release - After Market Close), doesn't ever give much away at all and continues to 'play it's cards from it's chest', I feel.


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so ....