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Looksmart have licensed approximately 30 Publishers to it's Marketplace....

Looksmart (within it's recent CC) told of traffic quality improvements achieved in 2010 and that a most significant move made (in it's market-place), .."was the launch of our self service publisher initiative in Nov. -  and we have signed up approximately 30 publishers since launching that offering."

Who could some of them be providing that improved traffic, I wonder?

On January 18th (in my InstaPost) I had once again pointed out that Looksmart's award winning AdCenter platform had been built [current report] with the assistance of both Microsoft and ASK - And that I had felt that Microsoft and Yahoo are currently (now), running their OWN marketplace. I had also felt that were probably doing like-wise - in that it's now running it's own marketplace). I had also suggested that other publishers are now doing so, too.

[With NBC Universal, Time Inc and IDG - Pubs Push Own Ad Nets), may well all be a part of that announced 30 publisher licencees of the publisher platform.]

From within an article yesterday, CEO Peter Longo of IDG Tech Network said his company is resolute on pushing forward with exchange models and real-time bidding (RTB).

AOL (via it's appear to have gone down this road as was almost a fate pre-empted some time back-as was also noted in the same (above) article. (Turner’s Walker Jacobs surely will be next to change his tune.) - Perhaps here's yet another? [MediaMath Adds Private Marketplace Solution To TerminalOne],

From within the post script of my previous InstaPost came the suggestion made by a blogger:

< ........Suppose instead of the “Round Robin” approach described above, there was a centralized mechanism for aggregating the impressions offered across multiple Ad Networks and matching them (based on the advertisers target, budget and placement requirements) with the most appropriate ads?>

How about ............... across Exchanges?  - I myself had added.

Looksmart told of wanting to double it's current yield from queries had and with improvements told of, the Co expect to do so by the end of Q4 2011.

Performance based advertising (along with expected increased traffic, as described above), should then ensure that this can be achieved.

"We expect to complete the launch in the second quarter of 2011 for all those models. - [The expansion of performance based advertising offerings.]

By the end of the year, we are targeting 20% to 25% of our revenues to come from our performance-based advertising offerings. We are exclusively targeting direct advertisers and their agencies operated outside of the [Tier One?] search engines.

From it's own announcement the MediaMath’s CEO says. 

Our goal is to bring more efficiency, and effectiveness, into the marketing process. That means better measurement of results and better performance with MediaMath and TerminalOne than business-as-usual. Simple.”

With dozens of live programs and millions of dollars in campaign spend, Private MarketPlaces was executed with premium publishers, exchanges and SSPs. It boasts the most robust global reach and frequency management and optimization capabilities. Marketers gain access to premium supply at scale with full control over campaign goal optimization and complete transparency and brand safety."

In a previous InstaPost,

MediaMath, describes themselves as being the world's first & largest "demand side platform" (DSP), who are currently running hundreds of campaigns across 13 billion daily impressions in 23 countries around the world. And that they are ....... "using hundreds of decisioning variables, across five real-time bidding sources and 15 biddable media sources overall">


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