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Microsoft-Nokia will give Apple and Google a run for their mobile money.

When the question was put to a five option answer Voter Booth (over at ."What do you say about the Microsoft - Nokia mobile deal?" - it came as no surprise to me to see that some 30% of replies feel, that:
  • The two will give Apple and Google a run for their mobile money.

[Nice article, too - "When the SMB Marketplace Met Social Media"

Why do I believe this
Microsoft - Nokia mobile deal will be so good?

....Besides all that is pointed out
by Laurie Sullivan in an excellent MediaPost search blog [...Read the whole story], I myself strongly feel that Microsoft is the main force behind the new (& evolutionary) Advertiser - Publisher ecosystem, that's all coming together so nicely.

Laurie says:

< Microsoft's advertising serving platform, adCenter, will provide search advertising services. Nokia Maps becomes part of Microsoft's mapping features. ... It will integrate with Microsoft's Bing search engine and adCenter advertising platform to form a local search and advertising service. >

I feel that this only 'scratches the surface'. What about global content from most newspapers on this planet? Where the above will (no doubt), also apply. I see Bing & the Microsoft based ad serving technology platforms being installed to ALL these -
World News - ALL, patiently waiting for their 'time back in the sun', once again.

  In addition, with any move to (eventually) enforce ACAP (
read more here -, where does/would this then 'position' the Microsoft-Nokia deal?

Better still, where does that then leave Google, Apple and all other pretenders, with the so many Nokia users of hand-held appliances, getting their daily 'dose' of (& globaly) ad supported news, etc ??

And.. Who gets to administer the 'secondary' (remnant) marketplace?

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All, just an opinion as always.


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