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Audience targeting & PBA - (Performance-Based video Ads) - in more than 15 countries

It's still early days yet, but....

From within the CC (following the Q4 Report) Looksmart told all of wanting to double it's current yield from queries had. - And, that with optimization improvements (that they had told us of), the Co expect to do so by the end of Q4 2011.

PBA - Performance based advertising (along with an expected increase in traffic, as was described by Looksmart), should then ensure - that this can then be achieved.

Looksmart's CEO had said ... "We expect to complete the launch in the second quarter of 2011 for all those models." - [The expansion of CPV (cost per visit) and CPA (or, cost per action), being the 'performance based advertising' offerings as mentioned.]

With an emphasis on "complete" (from above) it then becomes a little interesting to 'read between the lines' of this (Feb 22nd) SpotXchange announcement - where they tell of their .......... Launching of the First Auto-Optimization Solution for Video Advertising.

< ...."Otto is the first fully automated optimization solution to be offered in the video advertising space, which is important given the number of advertisers who are now targeting by audience across thousands of sites," said Michael Shehan, founder and CEO of SpotXchange.

............"We understand that not all impressions are created equal, and it's not possible for a human to evaluate millions of potential video ad placements in order to determine the optimal value for each impression opportunity. Otto optimizes a campaign in real-time at the impression level in order to fully maximize performance and campaign spend."

SpotXchange's first implementation of Otto has been focused on performance-based video ad campaigns in the marketplace, such as automatically optimizing cost-per-click (NYSE:CPC) campaigns.

The company will soon deploy the technology against cost-per-completed view (CPCV) and cost-per-engagement (NYSE:CPE) campaigns.

< ........SpotXchange is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, reaching more than 80 million unique visitors each month in more than 15 countries.>

<. Each month, more than 200 major brand advertisers take advantage of SpotXchange's offering of automated video ad optimization, advanced targeting tools, real-time bidding and flexible pricing models (cost per: thousand, click, completed view, engagement and acquisition) in a verified, brand-safe marketplace.

.........Currently, SpotXchange is the #3 online video ad network in the United States, and #1 in the UK and Canada according to comScore's VideoMetrix service.

- SpotXchange | CrunchBase Profile

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