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Looksmart's OPEN Marketplace - A trillion real-time bidding impressions available per month?

Many a mention has been made concerning an innovative Australian Internet technology & marketing company WebFirm, here on my Blog.

A long time AdCenter platform partner of Looksmart, Webfirm also have a strong 'relationship' with Microsoft and it's not suprising that Looksmart's very own award winning AdCenter platform had been built [current report] with the assistance of both Microsoft and ASK.

It is my long-held contention that an independent Looksmart AdCenter management platform will get to provide full Interoperabilty for the one massively (global) scaled OPEN marketplace, in time to come.

Microsoft has "developed" it's own (Azure) cloud computing platform so it's understandable that Webfirm's AdSlot's ..."AdAuctionEngine is to run on Microsoft cloud"

"The AdAuctionEngine powered by AdSlot can calculate thousands of combinations of Media bids to maximize publisher yield while also letting bidders know in real-time what they need to bid to win any particular media auction."

In recent times I haven't stopped writing of the news that Looksmart have licensed approximately 30 Publishers to it's Marketplace.

[Note from the Co's Form 10-Q Annual Report - page 30. "The AdCenter is used to operate both our own Advertiser Network and other publishers’ client networks, and is licensed to publishers to operate their own network." -HTML]

Today's announcement from Webfirm (over here in Australia) goes that little further in supporting my long held thoughts and claims.

That (I also feel) Looksmart's paltry quarterly revenues posted are being 'drip-fed' by Microsoft until such time as the interoperabilty between DSP's, Exchanges et al - becomes the 'revolutionary' standard.


A S X  A N N O U N C E M E N T

25 February 2011

Webfirm Group (ASX:WFM) Market update - View original PDF
Initial customer results out perform our expectations.
London office established to hasten product rollout in the EU.

.....The Webfirm Group subsidiary Adslot licenses a web-based platform to Internet publishers enabling them to sell their premium advertising inventory more effectively.

This unique and patented platform provides sales automation services to the publisher which reduces their selling costs and increases their revenue.

Adslot provides its clients with the opportunity to increase their participation in the global online advertising market which currently turns over US$420 billion. Adslot's initial products have been aimed at the A$433 million Australian classifieds industry to prove out the technology and business model.

Webfirm Group Executive Chairman, Adrian Giles commented,

"We are very encouraged by the initial success of the Adslot product in the Australian market. As I have regularly said to investors, Webfirm Group is an early stage technology company and as such it will take time to generate traction and scale, however the good news is that we now know the Adslot technology works, and in fact works very well, even better than we expected."

And it is ALL, only just the beginning! - Of a giant OPEN marketplace that will start to 'come together' some-time later this year and is one that (circa, January, 2010), already had a trillion real-time bidding impressions available per month!

Re: EV of less than $2M - Hellooo??

Why wouldn't I be excited about the future prospects of a Looksmart getting to (middle-man - I mean) "manage" such an exciting future that (no doubt), lies ahead for it?

Shareholders need only be patient for a while longer yet.

LOOK: 3:59PM EST: $1.76  Down 0.03 (-1.68%)



To "refresh" those who may not have read of Looksmart's AnSearch (WebFirm Australia's) AdCenter "deal", and it's one that is so well explained in the Radio link, here:

ANH - Ansearch Unveils Global Search Advertising Solution - Mr David Burden, CEO and Mr Josh Edis, Searworld’s Global Head of Search - 12/09/2008

< ....... "To facilitate our roll-out, searchworld has partnered with LookSmart Ltd, among the world’s most recognised online advertising and technology solutions companies to deploy the private label yield-based AdCenter,  which is an auction-based CPC ad serving technology and was awarded "Best Search Engine Ad Platform" by the global search advertising conference and expo series, Search Engine Strategies, in August 2008.

Ansearch CEO and managing director, David Burden, said:

....."the searchworld network of our global feeds – with direct access to LookSmart’s worldwide infrastructure – is destined to grow the market by introducing a new network of search queries that have never before been easily available to Australian advertisers. This deal will also increase the overall revenue potential for searchworld and its international publisher and advertising partners." >


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so....