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IAB concludes - Data-Driven ad buying Will Play a Significant Role in the Ecosystem,

............It would now appear to me that 'audience buying' across the total marketplace in a 'blind to all' (buyer's) auction - WILL [prove to] be a significant boost to Publisher Revenues, for [all] their remnant inventory forwarded.

As was stated in my post-script added to my previous InstaPost. And at the 'each and every' impression level, within that 'single' RTB auction.

Looksmarts own marketplace (as we have been recently told), will now focus on expansion of CPV (cost per visit) and CPA (or, cost per action), with those areas being - the initial 'performance based advertising' offerings,

From AdExchanger today Microsoft's Rik van der Kooi (corporate vice president of Microsoft's Advertiser and Publisher Solutions [APS] group who, at Monday's session of the Internet Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting  -  had presented his (clearly moderated) company's view on the importance of the ad industry finding solutions for both consumers and businesses - when it comes to the use of data in online advertising), was asked a series of questions on the 'touchy' subject of privacy settings, Microsoft's IE9 & it's “do not call list,” as opposed to a “do-not-track list.

In a previous InstaPost I had suggested that Data was to be the "Holy Grail" for publishers, in a secondary marketplace.

I went on to say (waffled?) in that above link, that

The (other) unique thing IS, that this data (or, at least - those many PUBLISHER SITES that 'users' regularly visit), CAN (should, could & will) ALWAYS REMAIN fully confidential (that's blind to all) and ALL the 'mined' (treasured) 'behavioural data' will ONLY be used then or, get to be utilised by those (selected) DSP's that are soon to be fully 'inter-connected' with (and have an almost unlimited access to), their desired audience or, individually chosen 'targeted users' via (or, held within), a/the Looksmart AdCenter Marketplace.

From the AdExchanger Q&A, today.

So what IS this "universal cookie" talked about in the interview?

Q? - (AdExchanger) ........................ What about the universal cookie as an answer? Is this a way, to use your terminology, around the "digital feudalism" that you're describing?

A- (Microsoft's Rik van der Kooi) .....If you place the universal cookie in a new light and in a wider context and make that indeed something that a user would be comfortable in sharing with the sites that they trust, then that's the perfect container. It requires a container.

.....But alternatively, you could think about the container sits in one location, and actually the people that you decide to federate with have access to that container. So it could be just a ping, if you want to think about it in those terms. But, yes, the universal cookie, in the right set of circumstances, with entities that you trust, could be a good analogy.

HMMm? "It requires a container"??

Is there a better (& more independent) "container" than Looksmart's award winning AdCenter platform that was built [current report] with the assistance of both Microsoft and ASK - that someone may care to let me know of, perhaps?

[Note that BlueKai make mention of a universal container tag in their release today, when they advise of: - . Read the release.

Other benefits of the BlueKai Platform tag management service include:

  • Control and gain visibility into all private data through a universal container tag reducing information leakage

A comment made by TagMan suggest that..."A real number - is over 116 different TYPES of VENDOR tags, with no technical challenges and all managed through one agnostic smart tag." -  But I've no idea what that all means.] :)

Incidentally, in the IAB's "The Great Debate" session the industries thought leaders took on the very subject of my post, in debating that ......... “A Data-Driven Ecosystem Permanently Disadvantages Publishers - that is said to have sparked controversy and questions.

The resolution was, that:

........ data-driven ad buying will play an increasingly significant role in the ecosystem, but it will remain just one part of the larger scheme. - Publishers, aren’t necessarily disadvantaged, but they must adapt to embrace the shifting marketplace.


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