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FTC may see "anonymized targeting" as quite ok - to protect user privacy

RTB/Real-time bidding + data-driven audience buying - combined with "anonymized targeting" now appears to be, 'THE way to go'?

It would seem that the industry has come a long way since the AOL 'data' scandal [] as, - on Aug 6, 2006- the (now) AOL owned TechCrunch reported: "AOL proudly releases massive amounts of user search data"

But it was only yesterday I had written that ....In a previous InstaPost I had suggested that Data was to be the "Holy Grail" for publishers, in a 'secondary' marketplace.

So it appears that any current concerns around tracking can (will?) be overcome according to what I feel is an announcement of substance today, by the use of anonymized targeting, that ......'can be done to protect user privacy while still improving the quality of advertisements for users and improving the value for advertisers.'

About that "Holy Grail" - I myself have said (for a while now) that the unique thing IS, that this data (or, at least - those many PUBLISHER SITES that 'users' regularly visit), CAN (should, could & will) ALWAYS REMAIN fully confidential (that's blind to all) .....

Today's substantial news (& an array of technology), announcement?

Tapad Announces Investors in First Real-time Advertising Platform for Smart Devices , with telling of a list that includes a "who's who" of successful players.  

Tapad tell us on it's Beta website (, that ..'it's cross-platform targeting enables advertisers to reach customers no matter what smart device they are using. 

Within the above-linked release and the adexchanger Q&A [Traasdahl Starts TapAd – A Mobile Demand Side Platform], we are told that ...

.....'they are very excited to partner with some of the most incredible online ad tech and mobile entrepreneurs who have shaped the online and mobile industries and that they are humbled to have them help them go after this big opportunity.

Tapad has created the first real-time advertising platform for smart devices, such as smartphones and smartTVs. 

This platform allows marketers and advertisers to make real-time decisions about the value of a user before serving an ad. 

Tapad combines audience intelligence and cross-device targeting, enabling advertisers to reach consumers no matter what device they are using.  The end result is more relevant advertising for users, higher ROI and efficiency for advertisers, and better monetization for publishers.

.............Tapad’s cloud-based, open platform is scalable to billions of ad impressions per day, providing unprecedented transparency and flexibility when buying smartphone, tablet and smartTV ads.

Gee, cloud-based?

Oh no. You've read it all before.



ps; [ 25th March: Tapad - Based in New York, the company boasts an impressive array of ad industry veterans among its investors, including Brian O'Kelley, founder of Right Media and AppNexus; Dave Morgan, founder of Tacoda; and ex DoubleClick CEO David Rosenblatt to name but a few. - [Tapad Brings Audience-based Buying to Mobile Devices]

Brian O'Kelley: AppNexus Makes Advertising More Personal, Profitable

pps; TapAd Brings Retargeting to Mobile

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