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Do-Not-Track privacy may come at a price - No tracking ='s NO access?

"....... it’s also up to us as an industry to educate the consumer to the fact that Do-Not-Track privacy may come at a price. - - Web users today enjoy virtually unfettered access to a staggering amount of high-quality, “freecontent—content that is paid for by advertisers"

That's according to Lori Goldberg - the Senior Vice President of Client Services at TRAFFIQ. - in an article (Digital Ad Industry Isn’t the Bad Guy), over at Adotas today.

Lori goes on to say, that "By opting out, consumers would essentially be pulling the rug from under the free content that we’ve all come to enjoy and even depend on."

"The truth is" (Lori writes), "that behavioral targeting has been a part of our culture for as long as most of us can remember. - It’s been done with direct mail marketing for years as advertisers have attempted to drill down to specific demographics that they hope will point to predictable consumer behavior and target these potential audiences with carefully crafted messages."

But ... Do "two wrongs", ever make a right?

In the article She makes mention, that "It’s ironic that in a time when so many web users routinely and willingly share too much information over the likes of Facebook and Twitter— - intimate details of their lives put on display for virtually anyone to see— - maintaining online privacy still remains such an overwhelming concern." - But Lori does make mention that ....... "A large part of this stems from the fact that consumers are mostly unaware of exactly the kind of [the] information behavioral targeting gathers about them."

I wrote in my reply
to this article, that ....

It kind of makes all that Facebook/Twitterdata” (& freely given), so precious, doesn’t it.

And I had added, that ....

There may well be an alternative that could become acceptable to all concerned, though. -  - One (I feel), that’s well worth considering or, (at the very least), discussing.

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