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Looksmart - Soon to be that (one-fits-all), "Backfill Advertising Network"? (A)

Following on from my previous InstaPost, Marin's Retargeting advises readers that:

<Marin’s partnership with Criteo the leading personalized retargeting solution, provides marketers with retargeting expertise as well as access to over 900 advertising inventory partners including publishers, networks, exchanges, DSP’s.>

That's pretty impressive!

But what about on a global scale with just the single - a 'one-fits-all' anonymised, (user) tracking solution?

SearchEngineWatch (I feel) cannot make it any clearer than what's been done so already, within it's own Marin/Criteo story - - - "Marin Integrates Criteo Site Retargeting Into PPC Bid Management Platform"

< Personalized retargeting is the process by which it is possible to [re-?] reach non-converting visitors to your site. - Ads to product pages that users have visited but can be targeted to the same user over a period of 30-90 days - via a backfill advertising network. >

.... That reference to the personalised retargeting via a backfill advertising network (and so obviously, across the web), really caught my attention.

And why wouldn't it do so?

Interestingly enough, we are told (on the Marin Partners page), that:

< ....... Marin’s CallTrack is the industry’s first open platform for optimizing paid search campaigns to maximize call center activity and purchases. CallTrack works seamlessly with existing in-house and third party call tracking solutions.>

From Looksmart (as far back as Feb. 7, 2008), the market was told:

<"The LookSmart AdCenter is the first true open advertising exchange in the industry. Publishers like & networks like Pay Group can integrate their own advertiser relationships, advertising feeds and other advertising networks into a single auction marketplace.">

<....The LookSmart AdCenter is a white label, hosted ad serving platform used to monetize traffic through CPC search and contextual text ads.

Empowering publishers and advertising networks to interconnect with each other
, the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace significantly increases the volume of participants in advertising auctions and increases the overall revenue potential for publishers.> and Pay Group International Join the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace as Premier Partners .....

Looksmart (from within the above announcement), may well have said that it's AdCenter provides "interconnectability" between publishers and advertising networks.

The need for a fully independent Interoperabilty was 1st introduced in this article.[When Ad Exchanges Talk to Each Other] - And it simply means (as is explained within), that it's where  ....

"Supply can originate in one exchange but be made available for sale to buyers from other exchanges". - - - So a publisher in one exchange can always get to sell spots or, inventory to advertisers buying or, coming from within another global exchange and subsequently 'match users' across the entire web .

Interoperabilty removes a current situation where a same publisher's inventory can often be acquired from several different supply channels.

My previous instapost tells us that
Criteo allows a web-site owner to re-engage with lost prospects via personalized banners across the Internet with Criteo's dynamic personalized retargeting [that] has proven to drive increased CTR and conversion rates.

HMMm?  ..... Across the Internet ?

[Note from that above 'retargeting' Link, it says that the "Retargeting specialists" offer the “View throughCPA model. - This then leaves Criteo itself (only), to provide the CPC model.-]


Once again I will suggest that it is Looksmart (I have no doubt), who are now destined to become that backfill advertising network. (As was mentioned by SearchEngineWatch above).

With all partners involved then being 'enabled' by Criteo's dynamic personalized retargeting technology - - Looksmart WILL provide the very 1st stage of that interoperabilty in a huge 'fair to all', global marketplace.

With (I'm hoping), PPC Bid Management to then follow.

All, just an opinion as always.

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