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Marketers - "What If We Had A GPS That Has Access To RT Traffic Information"?

In a lengthy kind of reply to a fellow long-standing LOOK shareholder over on Yahoo Finance (oerhomenos), I mention that ... I always predicted Looksmart as being an independent 'middle-man' in a global marketplace and have done so for many, many years now...

I then went on........"O"....That it's taking so long to emerge, is the clear reason for so much distrust and frustration. The Co's 'silence', is another telling factor. (With Dexmier 'the Patsy', having had to pay 'the price'.)

Besides what appears to be an evolution of marketplace (efficiency) 'upgrades' happening-all the time (almost Cinderella-like), Looksmart's been required to remain quiet - - - patiently waiting during the many (costly) changes that are being made--the new roads required to be paved (or, plumbing links being built - having to be inter-connected) cost both time and money ... during which time, the RTB 'ugly sisters' of the ad tech industry have been getting all the 'early days' action. Yet most all (it would seem), are 'making a meal of it'!

[I only 'tweeted' yesterday: "Ad Tech Vendors- Sharpen your game up or, get left behind! (SHAME on you!)"]

(Incidentally ........Over the past 5 to 7 years, Looksmart have spent plenty on this required global tech build- both directly and indirectly I feel, as it's portion or, contribution.)

That Google (and other SE's) are now preventing the flow of organic keyword data getting through to the analytic tools of SEO operators and other publisher data 'miners' (being, the referral information) does auger well for a Looksmart user 'intent based' global marketplace-that receives some 5 billion individual pieces of this same keyword search data from 'search' and all in 'real time', daily.

At one end of the Looksmart marketplace the advertisers (impression buyers) are looking for those 'in market' users who've just searched for a product or, service they'd like to provide (and local to a market they operate in) and at the other end, we have the publishers providing the next (port of call or,) landing page - that same user is found or, he/she next appears on. Real time 'targeting'.

The advertisers pay the publishers (direct) for the ad that's served - with Looksmart receiving 20% of each (winning bid) spend.- of which, 50% is then passed on to the SE that has handed over the 'user's id' to Looksmart. (Along with the exclusive RT data on the searcher- for ad buyers to then get access to, in the Co's distribution network.)

This payment (incidentally) now represents the ongoing TAC element- as being part of Looksmart 's cost of revenues. And all of the above (we've also been told), happens - in real time!

On the above (and the remaining "distribution network") Looksmart have recently, virtually told us (in it's last announcement), that:the ............."Daily revenue and margin unrelated to the intermediary business is $6,000 and $3,000 respectively."

.....Why it will all prove to be 'worth waiting for' I feel (for the few remaining patient shareholders - -who have been told very little by Looksmart-in real terms) is best described in one of THE cleverest articles written on RTB and 'intent', I feel.

Don't miss it!

That RTB (intent based) Global marketplace

Gord Hotchkiss (was president of Enquiro) in talking of the building of efficient links in a marketplace, data, real time traffic (users) and getting from one place to another -- or, with advertisers now able to find users in the Looksmart marketplace as against (what becomes 'old time' SEO, a need for search rankings, etc), 'users' having to (currently), painstakingly find the advertisers - says, that:

......"If we're driving to a destination where we've never been before, and we don't know what we'll encounter en route, we need a strategy.

.......We need to know the general direction, we need a high-level understanding of the available routes --- we need to know what an acceptable period of time would be to reach our destination, and we need some basic strategic guidelines to deal with the unexpected-for example, if a primary route is clogged with traffic - - - we will find an alternative route using secondary roads.

These are all tools we use to help us infer what the best way to get from point A to B might be.

.....But what if we have a GPS that has access to real-time traffic information and can automatically plot the best available route?

Given the analogous scenario, this is as close to perfect information as we're likely to get."

Always, only an opinion.

LOOK: $0.90 Down 0.03 (-3.09%)


ps; It's Important to note, that:

In having a 'user's IP addy' as part of what becomes that "common currency" to all (publishers - and ultimately, the advertisers who pay them for each 'transaction') in Looksmart's Open marketplace-I believe that in using 1st party Data ONLY (at all times), it eliminates the use of 'cookies'- that only 'slows down' (and drives away) traffic, to publisher sites!

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Ads are necessary for a site; however, they slow a site down.

We know that for every X microsecond the site slows down, you lose traffic. You lose traffic, you lose revenue. It's ironic that the system you use to generate revenue also decreases revenue for slowing down your site. The ad networks out there should figure out better ways to optimize the performance of ads embedded in the site. It's also our responsibility because code they run is connected with code we run, and it's so intricate that one tweak here could have a systemic impact elsewhere. - Publisher A >


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