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What Is Yahoo's Marissa Mayer ACTUALLY Saying? ('Between Her Lines')

......."If you're the query, you type in search terms or become the passive query where technology identifies time and location to return useful information", Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer said.

..............Yet, when an 'ordinary' shareholder has been posting that Looksmart DOES HAVE an exclusive involvement IN all this (and, for how many years now?), it only becomes an opportunity for others here (and on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board), to then ridicule any such kind of 'thought'?

It's been clearly stated (by Looksmart) that the Co is now (exclusively) processing over 5 Billion search queries a day... No?

It's been stated (by Looksmart) that the Co is working on an OPEN Marketplace capable of now 'Handling' some 100 Billion "events" (personalised ad transactions), per day, no? (You can find this also, within that above link.)

When I write about it - it's NOT news and why should it be.(?)

If others here or, on Yahoo Finance's LOOK board (yes - those same doubters), haven't the time- or, can't be bothered to find the time to learn and to get to understand just where I feel it's all heading, then that's no concern of mine.

So? What is Marissa Mayer ACTUALLY saying ('between her lines') within her above statement?

I'll tell all - or, at least those who may be prepared to listen.

"When you 'the user' (even passively - unknowingly) become the (search) query-we can actually provide you with something (via ads), that is more than just useful to you"

And Marissa Mayer makes the very point (early in this revelation/video) that it's all (it could be said, almost, only?), about monetisation.

Listen here: Yahoo CEO Mayer: Search Is a Giant Money Maker!

Jan. 25 (Bloomberg)- Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer talks about how to monetize search technology.

She speaks with Erik Schatzker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Feel free to discuss. (Feel free, 'to think'.)

Always, only an opinion.


ps; Incidentally? Is it really possible that Looksmart's (former?) Chief Scientist Dr. Vincent Granville (from Analytic Bridge), now has a role being 'the resident clown', on Yahoo Finance's LOOK discussion board?

I bought 50,000 shares

Search above for "Vincent Granville", here on my blog.

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