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$15 billion in annual sales revenue flowing through the Kenshoo platform

Over at today, Yoav Izhar-Prato (the CEO of Kenshoo), claims that ............ "We make more money for our customers than any solution out there and create efficiencies like no other with $15 billion in annual sales revenue flowing through the Kenshoo platform."

Kenshoo CEO Izhar-Prato Says $15 Billion In Annual, Online Sales Revenue Flowing Through Platform

With my recent emphasis on & my excitement about Performance based marketing [], I then found the following from the Q&A, most interesting:

..............."Powering the world’s biggest online players, Kenshoo has been an active pioneer in pushing the envelope when it comes to social advertising. - - Social provides some of the most advanced, robust and rich targeting available, and – between Facebook and Twitter"

"Kenshoo is also very active in display and search retargeting. A select group of our customers are conducting robust programs that leverage cross-channel online strategies through Kenshoo’s unique capabilities and we plan to broaden the offering according to market needs."

Looking ahead - how much of the buying done through Kenshoo's platform is related to paid search? How much will it be a year from now?

.........."Kenshoo’s platform and the buying it facilitates, directly corresponds with our customers’ online spending. Although we don’t release specific numbers in this area, most of our customers still focus the bulk of their online spending on the proven channel of paid search.

There is, however, an undeniable shift toward performance-based display and social media buys & we expect this trend to continue."

"Being an engineering power house and a SaaS company, Kenshoo looks to build solutions rather than just throw bodies at them. Scaling has happened in a natural and healthy manner."

Full Q&A - Kenshoo CEO Izhar-Prato Says $15 Billion In Annual, Online Sales ...


I can't find anything linking Kenshoo with Criteo but from it's firm relationships - as described here [About Our Sponsors - eTail Boston], I'd reckon there may be some 'connection' with both being approved for developers [Ads API Tools Vendors - Facebook Developers] on Facebook who maintains a list of companies. (Note Criteo, but no Looksmart or, Kenshoo here, as having agreed to it's ad provider platform terms.)

["Looksmart - 'We have signed Facebook' - AdCenter deal" - Link contained within -]

LOOK: Officially closed @ $1.60 on the Nasdaq.

As always, just an opinion.


ps; Re: The offer has been made "O"  - AdJuggler has been operating its high-performance, global SaaS platform since 2002, supporting multi-billion impression networks, ... -

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so...