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CEO Dave Williams Says Facebook Will Eventually Supplant Google In Search

It was recently noted (in this post) that Rob Leathern, the CEO of Social made the following comment about FB's Graph Search, in that he feels the roll-out points to a future beyond its own properties when he says: ...

"it gets them closer to building a system that can push beyond the walls of Facebook's own publisher properties out further across the web and mobile web," he said.

Enter Microsoft

This opinion @ from Dave Williams (is CEO of the Gannett owned BLiNQ Media) fully explains of a strong Microsoft implication it has - within FB's Graph Search.

In doing so, Dave even goes as far as boldly advising his readers of How Facebook's Graph Search Will Dethrone Google Search.

"Searches Not for What People Want, But What They Like"

"The fact that this is a different kind of search - leading to results pages that feature precise answers, rather than links - will create new socially relevant queries that just don't happen on other engines. - People will look for their friends in particular cities, making search more locally and personally relevant. - They'll also check out who knows whom. -- A user could theoretically search for which of their friends knows Kevin Bacon, which will steal traffic from networking platforms like LinkedIn."

In great reasoning, there's not a mention of any introduction of PLAs (and be sure to read my two comments added to that linked, previous post), within his story. Suffice it to say, that:

"Microsoft will reap the benefits as well, as more advertisers flock to a Bing-powered search tool as well as to Bing partners such as Yahoo, further undermining Google's dominance, ripping open a competitive landscape that had seemed closed. By knowing the types of queries coming in, Microsoft can bolster its social search offering dramatically."

NOTE: PLAs have already been 'tested' by Bing, it seems.

Dave Williams concludes his excellent thoughts, with:

"Over the next three to five years, this shift ['getting search results that are customized, based on whom you know & what your friends like'] puts FB in a great position to be a strong No. 2 contender in search.

Eventually, Facebook will supplant Google in search.

Such a shift will lead to massive changes in search volume, revenue and the monetary value of the social graph for consumers and brands of all sizes.

There's no question but that this new offering has Google shaking in its very expensive boots. The big unknown further out becomes the future of Google itself. Google+ is evolving-but will it ever catch Facebook?"

Some-how, I feel Dave Williams will be proven to be correct.

Always, only an opinion.

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