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MediaMath's COO says Premium & Remnant Media will converge

<..... .Empowering publishers and advertising networks to interconnect with each other, the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace significantly increases the volume of participants in advertising auctions & increases the overall revenue potential for publishers.>

That 'unique' Looksmart offering (where buyers and sellers can operate within a 'one system') and as described above in my previous instapost - by Looksmart's previous CEO Ted West. -  In my opinion does (or, will eventually), get to include the following feature for Looksmart's recent announced move to performance based advertising.

(As is being described here by Ari Buchalter - COO of MediaMath, when talking of the DSP private marketplace solution - Quite a contrasting view to that of Triggit's CEO Zach Coelius, in my previous instapost)

< ............. By bringing all premium buys within one system, the private marketplace solution enables true global reach and frequency management - - - - -  ensuring that the brand message reaches the broadest possible set of target users at the desired frequency and eliminating the waste of unwanted duplication.>

And midway down, on page 3/3

< Where does this go from here? - - Buyers will quickly and clearly see the benefits & begin routing more and more premium buys through DSP private marketplaces. - - But it won't stop at just premium and remnant display.>

< What about the publishers? - - - Publishers will become increasingly comfortable as they see revenues grow from the enhancement of their premium inventory with newly applied data and analytics.>

< In short, the buy side and the sell side will become much more aligned on what drives value and what doesn't. - - The processes for buying and managing premium and remnant media will converge to the benefit of both buyers and sellers, starting in display and extending to all forms of digital media.>

It all takes time, of course. - - - But such is the need for the talked of convergence and then having all buyers and sellers 'on the same page'.  Together within the same or, a ONE - independently operated (and an Open), global marketplace. Is and has been my opinion for quite some time now.


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...