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"Performance based Advertising" (re-targeting) - IS a "No Brainer" for direct advertisers/agencies

Looksmart's advice of a concentrated move to "performance based advertising"- initially using the CPA and or, CPV model has followed extensive 'testing', according to Looksmart's CEO - in the most recent CC.

About Looksmart's "Performance based Advertising" (and the cost per visit or, CPV model) for agencies and 'direct' advertisers, across the Looksmart advertising/publisher's marketplace?

Bizo says:

If they do not become a qualified lead and leave the site they are later presented with personalized display advertising now tailored to the product or service they reviewed on the marketer's or publisher's web site.


In other words, it's called:

The Brand Embrace Process

So let's walk through the full process of the brand embrace.

1. You drive consumers to your site via paid search. This identifies them as a consumer in the active purchase consideration phase.

2. Network code on your landing pages (or whole site) sets a cookie on the consumer's browser labeling them as a retargeting candidate for your program.

3. As the consumers surfs around the Web, the network will notice when they hit one of the sites they serve ads to and grab your ad to make the second, third, and even fourth connection.

4. As time goes by, you start to build a huge base of active consumers who are familiar with your brand - your exclusive audience of active buyers.

<.... with retargeting, you can stay with them as they surf around the Web. - - - - you can [also] target them with a different ad that helps you stay top of mind with them and influence the decision during the purchase consideration phase.>

Easy. - When using the Looksmart solution for both advertisers and publishers by working in cohesion, across its total marketplace.

Again ..... in recent times (from the CC following the Q4 2010 Report), Looksmart have told us, that:

< "..we are accelerating the productization of our performance based advertising offerings that we began testing in the last few weeks of the fourth quarter.>
< "We are now proposing the cost per visit or, CPV model to our impression customers, who are targeting new visitors to their sites. >

< .... "We are exclusively targeting direct advertisers and their agencies operating outside of the [inaudible- main?] search engines.">

All comment is simply, my own opinion.

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