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... Russia's ('s) Orbit Ad Market offers CPA - Cost Per Action & more

<.. with retargeting, you can stay with them as they surf around the Web. - - - you can [also] target them with a different ad that helps you stay 'top of mind' with them and influence the decision  - - during the purchase consideration phase. >.

From Russia's Orbit Ad Market - ByteCity Advertising Network (that offers Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, Flat Rate - - plus CPA - Cost Per Action and more), who (within a 2010 link) also say that they had begun developing innovative, new versions of their digital advertising, advertising network platform and search engine products on offer, as follows:

< Use Behavioral Targeting To Maximize Advertiser Value

Advertisers buy audiences. The better you understand the behaviors of your audience, - - - -  the more valuable you are to your advertisers. Behavioral targeting gives you demographics based tools that deliver the right audience to your advertisers.

Re: Looksmart's Performance based Advertising to over-come FTC Privacy...

< Cut out the "Ad Middleman" and increase your website’s revenue without risk by combining your direct ads with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Microsoft AdCenter in a single ad placement.>

< Our company takes up top positions on a Pay per Click market. The cause of the success is a great experience in processing XML feeds and working with them. We dealt with more than 200 XML feed providers and have investigated the technology like nobody's business. >

That you can ........

Manage complex ad serving processes in real-time!!

Yes, that's "ad-server-ad-software-ad-tool-banner-rotator"

[See "Smart Rotations" ....... Looksmart's CEO Ted West, said:

<........."We believe that these performance features are comparable to those from each of the leading propriety search advertising platforms, but also that they are unique at scale among competing non-propriety search advertising networks.

...............We fully understand that to replicate these performance features of scale would represent a significant engineering undertaking for any keyword search advertising provider".>]

Looksmart do License (and or, allow publishers to private-label or, "rebrand"), it's technology to both advertisers and publishers.

In the most recent Looksmart 10-Q (annual report), we are told:

< ...... In the fourth quarter of 2010, we began to offer certain search advertising customers the option to purchase advertising on a per view [PPV] basis, in addition to or in replacement of purchases on a per click basis. - - We intend to expand our per view offering in 2011 and to develop programs offering purchase on a per action and lead basis.

Publisher Solutions

LookSmart offers a suite of customizable search advertising management tools and solutions that help publishers grow their audience, control advertiser relationships, and enhance and optimize the monetization of their sites.

Our Publisher Solutions can be branded and configured according to publishers’ needs. We offer publishers:

Command and control over revenue diversification and growth via the AdCenter for Publishers, a comprehensive private-labeled Application Service Provider (“ASP”) solution that provides publishers with the ability to own and grow their advertiser relationships, increase their distribution capacity, and diversify their revenue sources.·

A customizable set of services and technology to integrate multiple sources of advertisers, including dominant third-party feeds, within a single auction-based platform for cost-per-click (“CPC”) text-based advertising. ·

Access to a “backfill” of advertisers so they can quickly ramp their online operations and not lose time or existing revenue sources while establishing their advertiser relationships. - - - Connecting multiple installations of the AdCenter for Publishers together - - - allows LookSmart to create an open marketplace environment - - - - - that empowers publishers to share, leverage, and exchange their advertisers for expanded distribution.

[Note: < Personalized retargeting is the process by which it is possible to [re-?] reach non-converting visitors to your site. - Ads to product pages that users have visited but can be targeted to the same user over a period of 30-90 days - via a backfill advertising network. >]


We have developed a proprietary web-based advertising auction platform, the AdCenter - - - - that allows us to create, track, analyze, report and optimize customers’ advertising campaigns. The AdCenter indexes ads, analyzes webpage information to match advertising to relevant content, matches search queries to advertising and utilizes advanced fraud detection techniques in a high-volume ad serving environment.

The platform also collects impression and click data for each listing that we manage for our customers and provides us with billing information. In addition, we provide each of our advertising customers with a password-protected online account that enables them to track, analyze and optimize their search marketing campaigns using online reports. The platform also includes an interface for publishers to access ad syndication feed reports and revenue information.>

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