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When Profiting Off WAR With Our Enemies Isn't Enough?

Killing US Citizens for Profit? It wouldn't seem possible, surely?

Isn't that murder?

.....In spite of the web being 'built' on 'links', Yahoo have decided that allowing them in posts, is not the 'way to go'.

The following two links are referred to in this Yahoo Finance discussion thread.

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Yepwhatzever's Reply

by yepwhatzever . 44 minutes ago . Permalink

Well at least one thing is for sure, my friend, I will not only even agree with you that there should be no doubt, I will also quote what you wrote that we do agree on, "Your guess will be as good as mine."

Beyond that... am I still responding to political comments?

Almost feels like spamming. Shoot, I just don't want you to feel all alone here, Seeking........ But prior to leaving this topic by waking up from this nightmare of posting about such matters, I'll leave you with some wisdom by another.

"Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for."
Will Rogers



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