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Google's Acquiring Of Channel Intelligence Does Make Them Look Smart

ICG Group has announced a Google $125 million acquisition of one of the Group's consolidated companies, in Channel Intelligence.

'Channel Intelligence helps marketers outperform online with its CI Boost services:Facebook Platform, Where-to-Buy, Product Search Engines and Shopping Engine solutions.'

Following recent advice that Facebook hosts the final ad creative there's unlikely to be any problems for this Google-Channel Intelligence
'hook-up' (and, globally), going forward.

Advertisers using Google's "CI" can/will likely get a choice to add or, drop any of the many publisher options (platforms available to best find a targeted user on) that this deal now opens up to them. (By buying PLA ads through Google.)

This clever Google move will provide additional revenues in making feed optimization an 'in-house' feature that helps further drive PLA adoption for Google- by improving the quality & performance under a one roof.

There's no doubt (nor should there be) there's a bright future ahead, based on early success enjoyed in using Google's Product Listing Ads.

As that link explains: "Product Listing Ads are crucial to Google's new approach to Google Shopping.

Instead of bidding on keywords for paid search ads, merchants buying Product Listing Ads bid on the amount they will pay if their product listings in search results attract clicks or result in sales; retailers do also have the option to select a cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition model.

Product Listing Ads can include a product's price, an image & the name of the retailer selling it."

So, what of that independent RTB Global OPEN Marketplace having that capability of handling up to 100 billion (PLA) 'events' per day?

It's not hard to agree with me these two announcements (Facebook's hosting of the final ad creative and Google's purchase of "CI") have brought it two more 'steps' closer to becoming a reality.

A [sad] reminder for some?

In an attempt to (**cough**) ward off PEEK's control of Looksmart or, to 'take-over': the Co's (then) Board of Directors gave shareholders ample advice NOT to sell their shares, in saying:

"The online advertising market is rapidly growing and there is significant demand for an independent online advertising platform that is able to integrate search and display."

Yet on 7th of January, remaining (ordinary) shareholders were advised, that of January 4, 2013, approximately 8,508,647 shares had been deposited [sold to PEEK] which - together with the shares owned by the Purchaser's affiliates, represents approximately 64% of the total number of shares outstanding.

It was comforting to read (1/24/2013) that a newly appointed Director Weigl thorsten purchased (for himself), some 535,000 shares!

It's getting to be quite a story, as I am seeing it.

LOOK: $0.91 0.00 (0.00%) Feb 5 (ZERO shares were traded today!)

Always, only an opinion.


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