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WPP Group's CEO Sir Martin Sorrell - sees IBM & Accenture in Ad Space!

It's ironic to read of the WPP Group's CEO Sir Martin Sorrell speaking about IBM & Accenture in an article over @ AdExchanger - with Sorrell saying that they both are ......... "increasingly attacking the supply-side, the technological platform in our industry as opposed to the demand-side or front-end where the CMOs traditionally operate. - These competitors [of WPP] are reaching out to the CTOs and CIOs in companies rather than CMOs."


Readers of my posts may know that I had both these two 'ear-marked' as being 'players' (in particular Accenture), long ago. - How ironic is that I ask?

In fact, back on Nov 20, 2010 (in an instapost), I wrote the following:

< And that it's so obvious or, should be by now .... that the "big guns" like IBM, Cisco, Adobe and Accenture know a lot more on this topic. >

[Update:IBM Pushes Analytics, 'Smarter Commerce' Cross-Platform]

From AdExchanger's article. (Linked below)

< ....The second part of Sorrell's speech touched on the "Nine things that we see going on around the world." In other words, trends that he thinks will drive WPP Group's business and so, too, the business of the advertising community.

Here's an abbreviated list of the attributes in play:

1. Globalization - It's not just about America, or being like America, anymore, countries around the world are growing rapidly and need service.

2. Overcapacity - Too much inventory. Too much production. >

Someone may need to tell "Sir" Martin that the "myth" surrounding his point #2 - (& that it) was 'exploded' long ago and (would you believe), by "yours truly", yes myself!!

For it doesn't matter one iota as to how much new content is published (daily) on the web - because inventory only becomes relevant (in terms of it's monetisation), when a 'user' clicks on any page, that happen to be out there. - As it is (only) at THIS very juncture that an Ad is then 'called for', to be automatically served!

On his point #1 (in terms of 'reach'), I'll remind readers once again of the scale and global "reach" of Looksmart's award winning Adcenter Platform.

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