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Google Anchors The USER As Being The Currency Of Intent

In the past 48 hours a number of important deals have been announced as happening or, on the horizon.

All have been carefully calculated and all have such a strong bearing on the direction - as to where AdTech is all heading.

There's been:

*Google's Acquiring Of Channel Intelligence.

*A Yahoo/Google Contextual Ad Deal.

And (by next week), there'll be announced:

*Facebook's Deal to Buy Microsoft's Atlas.

So, what's it all about?

Consider that it's about (both) the USER and the rationalizing of the world of RT (real time) 'intent' - for Buyers and Sellers.

Of MOST importance (news-wise), is that:

Google has not only 'simplified' Google's own ad system by announcing it's move to "enhance" and "upgrade" AdWords - Google is telling all, that for existing and new devices - PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, hybrid devices, mini-tablets, televisions & more (including DOOH), that the 'leader of the pack' is firmly anchoring the foundations of the future.

One User - One Buy (Or, Currency.)

Where targeted users (or,audiences) will be 'bid' for - not only across devices (as mentioned above), but across segments of or, across a total, global publisher (an all-inventory source), base! For viewable eCPM buys, any targeted audiences or, down to a single impression, by impression.

Think of DSP's, Exchanges, inventory sources (like Yahoo) and ultimately (for user intent), of a ONE independent Global OPEN Marketplace.

Always, only an opinion.

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