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Looksmart (and WPP) subscribe to a "Dumbing Down" of Society?

In a recent InstaPost it was the WPP Group's CEO Sir Martin Sorrell who was quoted, with him saying that Globalization -(he added:"It's not just about America"), will not only get to drive the WPP Group's business  - - but it will also be 'driving' the business of web based advertising.

The WPP Group is 'up to it's neck' with it's own involvements - many that center around it's 2007 acquisition of 24/7 Real Media - - for a cash payment of US$637 million.

Note here too, that:

< .... WPP has pledged that the new media services will make up two-thirds of its revenues in “three or four years” and that ... The company reported a 16 percent increase in revenues to £8.6 billion ($13 billion) for the year to December 31, in today’s earnings report.

New media sales accounted for 27 percent of the advertising and marketing group’s revenues, or $3.6 billion.>

It may come as a surprise to many, that (in spite of WPP owning 24/7 Real Media - with all its experience of having 18 offices in 12 countries, with billions of global advertising impressions served every month), another WPP owned enterprise. in a HUGE Agency Burson-Marsteller  (through its subsiduary Co Proof Digital Media - when its client teams want to provide clients with dynamic and profitable search marketing campaigns), is using Clickable Solutions.

Strange? Not at all, when accepting that ALL (major agencies, Portals and ad networks, exchanges, etc) will soon need to keep themselves at 'arms length'- between their advertisers and owned inventory (or, to those they represent), when "interoperability" on a global scale, gets to be eventually enacted.

For WPP (& its subsiduary Co Proof Digital Media - in this instance), that 'neurality' is provided to them (their advertisers), via Clickable's self-service option and private labeling of technology. Plus a dedicated expert team to help them create a complete, scalable solution to profit with Facebook, as well as other big ad networks like Google [Yahoo] and Bing.- So where does Clickable come up with a platform that it can offer Global scale from? - [current report ?]

And AMEX [American Express], have (also), taken on board the same (DSP) 'technology', to effectively become an "in house" operation..

The announced deal with Clickable [ American Express OPEN Launches SearchManager, an Online Solution] is also of real significance, I feel.

... I continue to strongly believe they are a typical forerunner to many other (similar) possibilities and an eventual Looksmart involvement in playing a neutral role of "interoperability" (inter-connecting between DSP's and Exchanges - plus, Exchange to Exchange), in what will be a fully functional (a 'one-stop-shop', neutral, end to end technology), and efficient (secondary), advertising - publisher marketplace.

The announced 'deal' (the link to Market Watch has now been "killed") had told us, that American Express' :

< SearchManager provides immediate, single-point access to all major search engines, including Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter -- even Facebook Ads.

.....By eliminating the hassle of multiple logins and interfaces [AMEX's] SearchManager ...... enables business owners to more effectively manage their campaigns - which can help drive greater efficiency & ROI on their advertising investments.>

I'm not sure why they would want to "kill the news", when the same or, similar information is also freely available to all, on Clickable's blog!

Facebook Ad Management Tools Introduce Simplicity, Speed and Scalability 

And Looksmart currently trades at an enterprise value - that's barely above the (near on) $27M in "cash" it holds? - Talk about the 'dumbing down' of a society? 

How are we going? 10/12/06 - The Dumbing Down of America


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