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Do Online Marketers really have a need to Plough through a Data Quagmire?

In saying that there's not an 'over-supply' of Data would be like saying that marketers have no choice in ad networks to use. - - At these levels, both (that's DMP's & ad networks) are currently taking more that a hefty 'slice' out of the publisher's pie.

From an adexchanger piece today, Tolman Geffs (the Co-President of Jordan, Edmiston Group), says that he thinks ..... that now-a-day, the chain is becoming more fragmented. [And, that] ...... Pricing is even more opaque - - - particularly with the separation between data and inventory and a more robust market for both.-Read all he has to say »

Is it all necessary?

Consolidation and a 'simplification' (in both areas) will make things so much easier for marketers to understand and partake in. Certainly at the level of scale that 'big brands' will soon be wanting to get their teeth into.

I've had plenty to say of AppNexus and much about its"closeness" with Microsoft. And It does look to me that this 'star' company will become a dominant player. (As a Microsoft link to Exchanges.)

And certainly in the field of [Ad Verification And Attribution] where (in that link) Paul Silver (who is mentioned again, further down) feels that view based conversions will play a huge part (more transparency), in display ad effectiveness.

Yet .....

Performance based advertising at scale (specifically re-targeting), will be a 'different kettle of fish' and by it's very nature (I feel), will not be requiring such 'fine tooth combing'. - - And (certainly, in a 'blind to all' neutral marketplace), with the anonymising of user data (& where we are told - the likes of Criteo's Retargeting does not use or collect any personally identifiable data),re-targeting can ensure 'privacy', yet still be so efficient and remain most effective.

There is already a Microsoft/Criteo deal and Microsoft will be using AppNexus for it's 'remnent' inventory - with Criteo (like Looksmart), also having a Facebook connection. [Via, Facebook Apps],

Making many consolidating moves:

AppNexus (we are told) currently works with eight of the top 10 ad networks in the U.S. [according to comScore], 30 pan-European ad networks and key players in Israel and Latin America and claim to be running up to eight billion ad impressions a day through its system. [Read more]

[That's impressions or, includes "queries"? - Looksmart tell us they "manage" two billion (queries), per day. current report. So, Built with the aid of Microsoft, Looksmart's AdCenter platform and marketplace would (no doubt), have certain (other) 'compatibilities'.]

And in regards to that 'over-supply' of Data?

It was most interesting to read the following that's recorded & coming from a recent UK held European conference focused on data usage in display [The Data Economy 2011], where Danny Hopwood (his account is linked below), makes this point:

< ........ perhaps the most shocking comment of the day was when Paul Silver [The - Associate Director at Starcom Mediavest Group - SMG] had asked Mike Nolet the CTO and Co-Founder of AppNexus  ... if we’re in a data bubble/hype without real potential. (?) 

[Mike] Nolet answered "yes" without any deliberation – leaving Silver to quickly respond by thanking everyone for their time. It was a quip that raised some hearty laughs from the crowd & provided a high upon which to finish the day.>   [The ExchangeWire Data Economy]

It's important to note what Darren Herman [About Me] had said (some time back), about Data [To RTB or Not RTB, That is the Question] and a need for some consistancy/uniformity, when he writes:

< "Unless the algorithms and the “view” of real-time inventory is exactly the same, no two RTB platforms will perform exactly the same." >

I had previously opined that (like AMEX & WPP subsiduary Co Proof Digital Media - in my last instapost), users of a 'neutral' platform are many and varied. - - Certainly any industry expert 'data interpreter' type businesses, that are (will be), specifically set-up to service the many potential clients, who typically will purchase media in-house - or, those brands who may prefer not to work with agencies, at all.

Such a prime example is (I feel) is, Accordant Media. Working at saving the many brands or, (even suitable) 'in between' sized Agencies, that can (themselves) ill-afford the costs involved in building up their own division (in house), to efficiently buy Ad inventory.

These (very specialized skill set equipped) 'agents' will 'live or, die' on consistent satisfactory results that they'll guarantee & need to always achieve (in a much informed and cost effective manner) for their brand & other Agency clients, they will be representing.

Back to who I see as that 'dominant' player, in AppNexus:

Note that Accordant Media, has also signed with AppNexus, who provides it with it's real-time ad serving platform. And yet another - in one of Canada's premier full-service online media Co's, advised today.

Olive Media, using the AppNexus platform, (as they advise here- Olive Media Taps AppNexus as Ad Server of Record) will be able to provide its agency and advertiser clients with the industry's leading optimization & campaign performance capabilities & its publishers with sophisticated yield management controls and improved monetization.

Only thoughts. Yes I know, a ramble!!

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