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Europe's DEM in Mexad.- A Service Solution for Agencies & Brand Advertisers

iMedia UK has a recent article of interest coming from Sacha Berlik the CEO of a European based DEM in Mexad.- This display engine marketing agency (described as a service solution for agencies & advertisers alike to run synchronised bid management across all major ad exchanges and SSPs) is maybe, something really 'special', I believe.

1st, the article [RTB, DSP, SSP, WTF?] & Sacha explains, as follows:

Today's world is full of acronyms & if, like us, the lexicography of ad exchanges & display buying - leaves you all confuzzled, here's a few abbreviations we think are worthwhile explaining.

Now, let's check the home page & schematic of it's workings: Mexad.

Not an Ad Network or, DSP - this company best describes itself:

...."As the world's first D isplay E ngine M arketing (DEM) agency, we combine years of experience and skill with these young technologies in order to carry out auction-based purchases of ad space and to optimise these on behalf of our customers across all leading platforms at the same time."

And in terms of Looksmart (and my hope for it's 'interoperability' role), does the likes of a "Mexad" bring us any closer, I wonder?

Looksmart do License (& or, allow publishers to private-label or, "rebrand"), it's technology to both advertisers and publishers & the focus on performance based advertising is now paramount, we're told.

Looksmart (in regards to it's performance based approach) have told the market that ..... We are exclusively targeting direct advertisers & their agencies operated outside of the [Tier One?] search engines."

According to Mexad (who work on a fixed commission) - they do target, like-wise. - But they (also) "manage" for their clients. In the Imedia UK article, the Mextad CEO puts a 'slow' on many DSPs, when he says:

"There are some that have their own technology, and others white label major DSPs. The latter could be dangerous as you heavily rely on one technology, essentially putting all your eggs in one basket.

And, it is still early days. With new re-targeting companies entering the market daily, new data propositions, new exchanges popping up, new technology being developed, a good technology will take, similar to search, three to five years to successfully bid across all platforms.

[A reminder here that it was a former Looksmart CEO Ted West who (when advising the market of the Co's AdCenter platform - from within a CC), had previously told the market:
.............."We believe that these performance features are comparable to those - - from each of the leading propriety search advertising platforms, but also that they are unique at scale among competing non-propriety search advertising networks....

................We fully understand that to replicate these performance features of scale would represent a significant engineering undertaking for any keyword search advertising provider".

I feel it's a lot closer than he would care to say. In a very informative adexchanger Q&A [Mexad Enabling Ad Exchange Buying], the Mexad CEO said of audience buying/dynamic targets: e.g. CPA-targets ..

"Google ADX 2.0, Appnexus and Right Media support audience buying – and site specific buying is not our core business. We are specialized in auction based Ad Exchange buying."

So (in reality) just whose technology is this progressive 2008 start-up private labeling, I ask? The answer may well have come already from it's CTO Guido Pfister in his BUZZ on the RTB 'qualities' of AppNexus (the Microsoft elect for it's remnant inventory), in it's 'Virtual Office', here:
- [Visit our virtual office]

* “Real-time bidding, through AppNexus, has given us an access and control over inventory that we could only dream of two years ago.” – Guido Pfister, CTO, mexad

And an independent 'inter-connection' technology between Mexad, AppNexus and all other Exchanges, as shown?

Just an opinion or, 'hunch', as usual.