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Looksmart's Marketplace & Retargeting. A fairly straight-forward concept...

Looksmart has now advised of a concentrated move to "performance based advertising" - and that the Co will initially be offering the CPA (cost per action) and or, the CPV (cost per view) model.

This news (as we're told), has followed on from extensive 'testing' that's completed - according to Looksmart's CEO, within the most recent CC.

So what does it all mean?  - This 'Performance based Advertising' (& cost per visit or, CPV model), that will be licenced to agencies & 'direct' advertisers, for it to then be utilised by allowing them to freely "re-target" users (@ scale), across the entire Looksmart (global) advertiser/publisher's marketplace.

This linked article ("Your Online Strategy Is Missing Something"), is a must read to then learn the answer to that question above, is what I believe.

As Looksmart 'plough in' both it's advertiser and publisher 'solutions' (being - the AdCenter's marketplace's connector/adaptor, for both 'ends'), 're-targeting' will (finally!!), get to then quickly help grow Looksmart's revenues, no doubt.

[Added 12th of September - Looksmart Reports Comprehensive Income? What does that Mean? - - "Comprehensive Income" & more on what I feel it means, when Co's report in  this manner -]

Keep in mind, that Looksmart have already licensed approximately 30 Publishers, that they have (also), recently advised shareholders of doing so, in the same CC.

But it's when the BIG networks (with huge inventory, from the likes of Microsoft & Yahoo, for starters) all start to get in behind (joining) the Looksmart remnant marketplace - will (only then), be the time when advertisers can 're-target' (in earnest) with some serious dollar 'spends' across the totally independent, AdCenter open marketplace.

Yes ..... It's coming Folkz!! - IMHO, as always.

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ps; It would appear to me that the 'simplicity' of what I am imagining the Looksmart "solutions" are representing (at both ends), is already causing some concerns?

But there will always be the/that situation of 'different strokes' suiting 'different folkz' & that for circumstances for when 'grand scale' is being sought, big brands may seek out the Looksmart 'blanket cover' as the answer - providing results with a 'one-stop-shop' approach are (besides clearly being 'value'), both measurable and acceptable. (Publishers will be pleased, I'm sure.)

And after-all, at the end of the day the 'proof' (no doubt), will always be in the pudding.

What Is The Biggest Misconception About The Use Of Data For Ad Targeting?

On this all important discussion on data (on what is enough - how much is too much?), I had said in a previous instapost, that:

< It is my opinion that with the appointment of an Analytics Scientist (in Vincent Granville), Looksmart should soon be in a position to provide an "across the broad marketplace" ("neutral"), and kind of unique data that will not only be consistant - - but will prove to be both accurate and much more easily understood by marketers.>

["Future of Web Analytics: Interview with LookSmart's Dr. Vincent Granville" on AnalyticBridge: -"Currently working on a Google keyword  price & volume forecaster with Dr. Jean-Yves Dexmier, CEO of Looksmart and member of the prestigious French group of mathematicians known as Bourbaki.  Developing scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace (without using cloud). Read the success stories on our website"]

I can't help thinking about that 'separation' that's required (to protect data), between players. - This reminded me once again:

< .... Collective's CEO Joe Apprendi responded saying they must create a chinese wall between the technology platform and ad network businesses.>

Then in more recent times, the news that Collective is integrating with Omniture (genesis) -

Again, always, only an opinion.

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...