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"We Will Be Forced To Sacrifice Democracy By Laws Protecting Us From Further Pollution."

Was the Global Occupy 'push' simply a GREEN/Communist movement said to be part sponsored by George Soros (being a current influential member of the The CoR) and designed simply to 'recruit' unsuspecting like-minded people? To further 'indoctrinate' them?

As strange a 'bed-fellow' as Soros may seem .... I'm not so sure that it wasn't the plan from the out-set?

In fact, I did spend a reasonable amount (or, quite enough) time (on the ground/in camp) with my 'Local' Occupy Brisbane group here in Australia, and had 'observed' enough-plus been across much of the 'conversation' (then and) since, to have arrived at my conclusion.

Agenda21 and with.....

The promise of a 'new' SUSTAINABLE world ahead (be it based on Global cooling- from back in the 1970′s) or the now chosen Global warming LIE - there is one constant that people can be assured of in this "let us do it right, for you" well planned, road to global slavery. That being:

"We will be forced to sacrifice democracy by the laws that will protect us from further pollution."

[Where] Mainstream Media has become the means of 'selling the Lie' leading up to the introduction and enforcement of the United Nation's ONE world Government.

Meaning that the people of the world are being so easily lulled into this New World Order of pure communism, as a result of this. Very few questions are being asked.

That's (loss of self determination/sovereignty) a fair-enough trade-off or, is it?

For a new United Nation's 'driven' ONE World Government that's to be enacted and 'policed' down at a 'Local Council' level- that claims to be preserving the environment for future generations? ..Yet (the truth is), they won't be free to use it!

Work-shop: [PDF] Attachment 1 - Productivity Commission

The Truth? There should never be any doubt.

This over-night Facebook post with a tag-line designed to 'reaffirm' true believers- has in fact helped to re-confirm my own 'dim view' suspicions.


Occupy Sydney shared Occupy Australia's photo.

Who owns Australia's economy, and the debt, who are Australians creditors to?

China and the Banks, thanks to the Reserve Bank of Australia, debt of 1's and 0's, that control things and people, now that's power of symbols that imprison us.

....*another world is possible - WE KNOW THIS IS TRUE*

Always, only an opinion.


ps; Ring your Local Council (here in Australia) and ask about, you know what... :);notif_t=like