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UKs DMG Announces own integration with AppNexus to increase Global Campaigns

There's plenty to say that many have well prepared on both sides of the equation - including some of the UK publishers.

I'd say that A&NY Media (consumer media Co of DMGT - A&N Media) has also been 'well-drilled'.  And is using Google's own 'gate-way' to a global OPEN network with Invite Media (itself), then being enabled (by AppNexus, but more likely Looksmart), to do so. (With a 'split' of both the last two mentioned, in time to come - - with Looksmart getting the secondary marketplace's re-targeting role and a 'blind-bid-for-all', remnant inventory, is what I feel) 

[All, as was contained in my recent post.]

[It's the very reason for a need to have an independent inter-connecting management platform that can provide 'neutrality'- not only to then operate between an ultimate 'linking' of Exchanges (from both 'ends'), but to also supply a distancing of or, ensure separation between the likes of both Google's DoubleClick (Invite Media) and Microsoft's own, Atlas. (AppNexus & Right Media) - Between their respective advertisers and prized data, surely? - Who then 'connects' between Atlas, InviteMedia & AppNexus? Not to mention Yahoo's RMX -]

Now news of ...<the UK's DMG 's own integration with AppNexus

About DSNR Media Group (DMG)
DSNR Media Group (DMG) is a result-based interactive advertising company for online & mobile, relying on years of in-depth proven experience.

Offering unique optimization technology and methodologies along with large scale media aggregation expertise, DMG runs campaigns in over 25 languages, spanning a worldwide market influence of over 25 billion impressions and 200 million unique users per month. >

AppNexus?  - Hardly needs an introduction on this Instablog. It's all been said already.

Incidentally, my stated ...'DMGT is using Google's own 'gate-way' to a global OPEN network with Invite Media (itself), then being enabled (by AppNexus, but more likely Looksmart)', makes little sense - apart from the latter's probable involvement. AppNexus is currently 'in the sin-bin' with Google.

Looksmart's 'in and out' traffic (ClickStream) to it's AdCenter platform shows an approximate 47% of that traffic, as coming from Google!

Microsoft went with AppNexus (Cough)

We're told here [by Dennis Buchheim, who is GM of scale display for Microsoft] @ ClickZ, that:

...."This move may help Microsoft distinguish itself from chief exchange rivals DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Yahoo's Right Media - - both of which remain relatively open & therefore [they are] somewhat more frightening to major brands." -

I'm expecting some very 'positive' news
today @ ad:tech, when the Looksmart CEO is scheduled to 'speak to the masses'!

Just my opinion, as always.


Disclosure: Long LOOK and very happy to be so, too...