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A "Tweet" from High Rankings (SEO) Advisor Jill Whalen

Yes, the wheel turns very slowly. - But we can all rest assured that it 'does' turn. - And we also well know, 'time waits for nobody'.

Here's a short 'Tweet' (at Twitter) late today, from "High Ranking (SEO) Advisor" (HRA) Jill Whalen - - who once had 'graced' the Yahoo Finance LOOK board (with strong support from many other SEO 'high ranking' experts), 'advising' shareholders about Looksmart and it's 'horse and cart' business, at the time.

jillwhalen Jill Whalen
Latest HRA Post: HRA 304: Wrap-up: That's all for today!

Her link to (her) today's "Wrap-up" clearly tells of another 'hard day' at the office for Jill, no doubt.

And like Danny Sullivan (the SE Guru), would someone please let them both know that there's a 'new' way of doing things, about to 'take over' the show. Unlike Jill today (it seems), Danny has been well, almost frenetic with his 'concerns' for Yahoo and it's future.

Danny Sullivan
dannysullivan Danny Sullivan
The Yahoo Search Revenue Disaster - i churned more numbers. they weren't pretty.
Danny Sullivan
dannysullivan Danny Sullivan 
good news: if yahoo-bing thing doesn't work, yahoo can go to google. oops! or go alone. oops!

All 'rear-view' mirror stuff, I feel.

My own 'message' is that RTR (I 'coined that phrase' myself - in a Yahoo LOOK board post today  - -
And the winner is (or, will be) RTR !!!), is to be (I feel strongly that this is so), THE next 'king' kid on the block.

[RTR ='s
Performance marketing and .. "Real-Time Re-targeting"]  :)

And surprise, surprise (it will be for both Jill & Danny), it's very likely to be good ole Looksmart (again, my feeling), that has been 'positioned' in an important role of "co-ordinator". - Who already (no doubt) is/are loaded with enough "distributed knowledge" (means Data) to 'share' among so many global partners who will quickly become involved. (See my ps; from in my previous instapost, for details)

ALL - Just an opinion, of course.

4:00PM EDT: $1.90  Up 0.02 (+1.06%)


ps; OpenRTB Consortium Garners Broad Support Over 70 Companies Across ...

Disclosure: Long LOOK & looking forward to what may lie ahead.