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[Looksmart], Google & TellApart reflect Major Success in Retargeting of Users

Apr. 26, 2011 12:14 AM ET4 Comments
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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (and a 70 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media (sadly), has lost a sense of that preponderance it once held in our society. There is hope. - But it needs a fundamental change in that ingrained culture that has been the way, of the past. Please read the article linked below (and especially all the 'free' user comment), that has also been added today.] And, history will soon show that ACAP (the, Automated Content Access Protocol), that I have been so "passionate" about in many a post made everywhere over the past few years, will not only become a part of our every-day lives, but will be fiercely-enforced along the way...And rightly so... Where your "free" (Local) "rag", may well even survive and become (as was also predicted by myself back in 2005). the very "lynch pin" between local business and the web! :) And it seems that Europe will lead the way....It's a lengthy read, that some will find is well worth-while to do so. "Publishers demand IP Rights To Protect Journalism" Cheers!! Added August 16th, 2011 - "Newspapers Need a DNA Transplant" http://www.editorandpublisher.com/Newsletter/Article/Newspapers-Need-a-DNA-Transplant March 6th, 2012 - "Newspapers: It’s not a revenue problem, it’s a culture problem" http://gigaom.com/2012/03/05/newspapers-its-not-a-revenue-problem-its-a-culture-problem/ “Publishers need to think how that [their] brand lives on the Web" - http://www.digiday.com/publishing/in-turnabout-publishers-act-like-marketers/ Rupert Murdoch: The future of newspapers is all digital http://dlvr.it/1V8dPY New Orleans, newspapers and the beginning of the end By Mathew Ingram May. 25, 2012 http://gigaom.com/2012/05/25/new-orleans-newspapers-and-the-beginning-of-the-end/ Friday Sep 21, 2012, 11:22pm EDT LOOK: $0.89 Up 0.08 (+10.53%) 4:00PM EDT|After Hours : 0.89 Up 0.00 (0.03%) 4:09PM EDT Two excellent articles I've just read (I feel) encapsulate this lon 'drawn out' road to come up with a solution that becomes, the 'intersection of search and display'. Read on.... "Do you hear that rumble in the distance? It’s change coming. What sort of change, you ask? Well, the events of the last few weeks collectively point to a pretty big shift in the search landscape. First, has traditional search engine usage reached its peak? When people skip over a search engine and go straight to Amazon for product search, it’s clear that either Amazon is doing something very right, or search engines need to improve their results. Changes to Google Shopping may help improve the experience for users, but is it too little too late?" http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/183511/the-future-of-search.html Then.... "Google News, its executives tell me, now "algorithmically harvests" articles from more than 50,000 news sources across 72 editions and 30 languages. And Google News-powered results, Google says, are viewed by about 1 billion unique users a week. (Yep, that's billion with a b.) Which translates, for news outlets overall, to more than 4 billion clicks each month: 1 billion from Google News itself and an additional 3 billion from web search. As a Google representative put it, "That's about 100,000 business opportunities we provide publishers every minute." http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/09/google-news-at-10-how-the-algorithm-won-over-the-news-industry/262641/ It's been an amazing story all the way. With LUMA Partners publishing it's LUMAscapes that map over 1,500 companies across seven sub-sectors of digital:companies saying, that within the circles alone [they] represent approximately $3 trillion of market capitalization and $450 billion of cash and securities. - http://www.lumapartners.com/the-strategic-buyer-lumascape/ Where do they start to rein-in some of that invested capital? My thoughts are contained in the following two links: https://www.facebook.com/ross.bradley.18/posts/10151231209526605 http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/36191-lookingconfident/932031-an-rtb-global-open-marketplace-handling-up-to-100-billion-events-per-day?source=kizur#comment_update_link
TellApart is a Google-certified ad network and as a Retargeting Co, is making all the right 'noise' about recent success it has had.


Yes ..."We bring a unique blend of skills and perspectives which help us reinvent the way e-commerce data is stored, managed and utilized to drive incremental revenue growth for our clients."

[TellApart also advises all, that it builds a customer data-base 'in the cloud', for each client - merging every piece of data it has on it's users and buyers. - It also says 'it uses real-time-bidding RTB that's targeted to each high-quality customer - with the ability to show the right Ad at the right place and frequency'.]

And.. It ALL sounds so familiar! (Almost Jean-Yves Dexmier-like?)

How interesting, when taking into account my previous instapost.

Certainly when you consider that TellApart Retargeting is 'unified customer data anonymized and syncronized to major sources of ad inventory'. - www.tellapart.com/what_we_do/retargeting/

(NOT, just Google's inventory? -'it's syncronized to [other]  major sources of ad inventory' and it's anonymized, too? - - So too, is French Co Criteo - tinyurl.com/3jbmbdr)

It's important to note (at this stage of a 'scaling up' of the Looksmart marketplace), Google sites - according to 'ClickStream' @ Alexa (the US, UK & Canada), are showing to be responsible for 47.54% incoming and 44.98% outgoing traffic, to the home of AdCenter, Looksmart.com.


[ Mon, Jun 6, 2011 - Note how Google's involvement has been "halved" with added inventory now available via AppNexus, in all probability]

In being 'enabled' with a Looksmart solutions for both advertisers and publishers (an inter-connector API-directly or, via their representation etc), can - then get to blindly 'inter-operate' with & against each other in Looksmart's RTB (global) marketplace.

Looksmart and Retargeting: tinyurl.com/3s66fsk

So, according to a new DoubleClick Ad Exchange case study:

"[TellApart]'s pay-per-conversion business model is adding as much as 8% in total revenue growth for top e-retail sites like Diapers.com, eBags, Drugstore.com, CafePress, Hayneedle and more." In confirming the case study's findings with AdExchanger.com,

CEO Josh McFarland has claimed that his company is now one of the top five bidders on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. [And this is probably so. - By simply being 'set-up' (private labeled, I believe) as a 'trafficker' in the Looksmart marketplace.

See pages 8 & 9 in the following Linked PDF- The Center For Digital Democracy 'take' on how it all operates - - - - in the case of Google's DoubleClick Exchange.

This may be a similar 'take' as from in the link below.  Read the CDD comments (PDF). - Added on 3rd of May, 2011 - Full report not read, as yet]

For more details on how TellApart uses DoubleClick Ad Exchange as a core component of its model, download the full case study here.

Yes, "we're a small start-up" and (from our body language - - as you can see), we (set-up as a couple of 'stooges') so clearly - - have also learned how to tell FIBS!

2 min - 19 Mar 2011 - Uploaded by ucbstartupfair
"TellApart is creating a predictive customer analytics platform that will massively enhance online marketing. Others talk about Big Data, but ...

All my posts are just an opinion.


ps; ClickStream (from Alexa - for tellapart.com) on 3rd of May, 2011.

That this Co is used as a 'gateway' into the Looksmart OPEN marketplace (my opinion), is not in any doubt, I feel. Note (also), that French re-targeting technology Co Criteo (criteo.com) IS shown in the over-all equation.

Upstream Sites

Which sites did users visit immediately preceding tellapart.com?

% of Unique Visits Percent of visits to tellapart.com (uniqued daily by user) preceded by a visit to the upstream site. Upstream Site
40.00% google.com
17.78% tumblr.com
11.11% mashable.com
8.89% facebook.com
8.89% linkedin.com
6.67% appspot.com
6.67% evernote.com

Downstream Sites

Where do visitors go after leaving tellapart.com?

% of Unique Visits Percent of visits to tellapart.com (uniqued daily by user) followed by a visit to the downstream site. Downstream Site
27.91% google.com
20.93% tumblr.com
9.30% live.com
6.98% appspot.com
6.98% criteo.com
6.98% cuil.com
6.98% facebook.com
6.98% nytimes.com
6.98% salesforce.com


pps; Amazon Web Services releases a case study on TellApart's unique technical architecture http://bit.ly/iL6hws

ppps; July 6th - TellApart has a full Q&A @ adexchanger.com today. (Read the full entry »)."Retailers are seeing that customer data-driven retargeting makes display ads finally work. .... I’d say retargeting in general is on the cusp of being a must-buy for most retailers."

TellApart Customer slide Presentation: www.slideshare.net/AmazonWebServices/cus...

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...

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