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Tribal Fusion is probably a little Under The Radar?

Tribal Fusion has been mentioned here in a number of instaposts before today (, so it came as no real surprise, with the Co claiming that it's become the third largest advertising network worldwide - According to comScore, Inc (they say), Tribal Fusion has grown to be now reaching 431 million monthly unique users worldwide.

Back in my August 2009 post ( I was particularly interested in an Omnicom owned agency and a strategic involvement it had at the time : - China

< Tribal Fusion [with a 'stack' of international inventory, says it] sells its full product suite of innovative media solutions - that are customized for each advertiser through its presence in 29 cities across 20 countries.

Tribal Fusion has offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordon, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.>

This Co as featured (being one - that could well be considered as being 'under the radar') is yet another (that I feel) will be involved soon, in a one (huge) global marketplace.

LOOK: Apr 26: $1.92  Down 0.17 (-8.13%) 


ps; Then there's the mention of Microsoft here:

AT&T taps into "local":

< AT&T already serves ads to some Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel phones via its YP Local Ad Network, due to partnerships with Microsoft’s Bing search engine and TeleNav’s navigation app. “As a business, we are cross-carrier and cross-handset,” said Krantz. - - - “Our strategy is to be everywhere…having really relevant ads works for everyone.”>

< AT&T credits its September 2009 acquisition of mobile app developer Plusmo - - for helping it rapidly release apps and related technologies across multiple platforms. >

"Advanced ad targeting capabilities means that no matter where users are, or what their interests might be, ----- we can serve local advertising relevant to them, helping publishers maximize revenue."

Things are now moving fast, I feel.

pps; Here's a great 'read', too!

Laurent Cordier Discusses Growth Of AdX Volumes In Europe, European RTB Trends, And The Potential Of Real-Time Video Inventory

Precisely explaining Google's Invite Media's "neutrality" in of it's 'inter-exchange' relationships. - When Exchanges get to become fully "inter-operable" between each other, it's "GAME ON" !!

< How would you respond to Google’s perceived “conflict of interest” in the automated space – given that it owns both Adx and Invite Media? Is it a fair perception?

LC: Google has an ad Network, a publishers suite, a DSP and many other applications for buyers and sellers to use. We make sure that all our systems inter-operate well and are open to work with all 3rd party solutions on the market.

Invite Media is Exchange-agnostic, AdX is DSP-agnostic and both platforms can only develop by maintaining this openness. - - - - - Our goal is to make display advertising more efficient in the long term, we are investing significantly for that and this is an attractive proposition for the agencies and the publishers we work with.>

So whose 'neutral' (global) platform enables Invite Media's agnosticity (along with all Exchanges soon, like-wise), is the burning question?

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so...