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Looksmart, MediaBank & Performance Marketing - It doesn't get much clearer Folks!

"And really one of the things in digital is, supply and demand need to coexist on the same platform. And that platform needs to be open and transparent, whereas some of the you know, the archaic older technology are really closed."

In a digital world that's evolving so quickly, people (and, that includes a large number from industry 'insiders'), still fail to grasp what lies ahead.

Looksmart shareholder Chrisuggs1, is just one such person. In a 'two part' post reply, I've tried to explain my own basic understanding:

Part 1- Re: Anyone with a take on today's news? - Chrissuggs1

Part 2 - Re: Anyone with a take on today's news? - Chrissuggs1

MEDIABANK  - Performance Driven Solutions

[May 10th - AdExchanger:

MediaBank announced that holding company MDC Partners (kbs+p, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, among others) has signed on for another multi-year agreement with MediaBank and its media agency, back office systems. Read the release.

Will MDC's Varick Media Management display ad buyers be through the MediaBank trading desk? Time will tell. MediaPost's Joe Mandese says, "MediaBank is estimated to be processing as much as $40 billion in North American media billings through its client agencies." Read it.]

From within a previous post made on Yahoo Finance I had reminded all what has been said about the Looksmart marketplace, as follows:

On this exciting prospect surrounding performance marketing (and, that of Looksmart's RTB, independent AdCenter marketplace platform), I'll remind 'newbies' like you - - of the strongest of words coming from the mouth of a former Looksmart CEO.(In Ted West). Who had made it, the following so very clear to all (in a CC) or, certainly it should have been clear enough for those who may have listened:

"We believe that these performance features are comparable to those  from each of the leading propriety search advertising platforms, but also that they are unique at scale among competing non-propriety search advertising networks.

.We fully understand that to replicate these performance features of scale would represent a significant engineering undertaking for any keyword search advertising provider

[ Note: Adconion launches digital delivery platforms - Joins OPEN Marketplace. (?)  :)

"The platforms, called Adconion Direct and Joost, are aimed at consolidating the firm’s audience network with other channels into a mechanism for specialised distribution across the direct response and brand marketing offerings." - ]

Is all, just my own opinion.


[Added September 26th - DDS merging with MediaBank to form MediaOcean. Website: ]

LOOK: 3:59PM EDT: $1.92  Down 0.06 (-3.03%)

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...

ps; Yahoo have now stopped my posting (again) to the LOOK board! -   I have broken a link back to here and 'spread' key-words, but still can't answer a post made to me (below), from another poster. I tried to post to him on the Ballard Power Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:BLDP) board, but had no success. (Here it is Yoda494, for what ever it is worth, to you.) 

CENSORSHIP is VILE!!! - What a 'sad' world we have made it!!  :(

Re: Anyone with a take on today's news? - Chrissuggs1


Re: Baxi Innotech - Yoda494 0 second(s) ago




Sorry - Had to post a reply to you here. Yahoo monitors will not permit me to post!

That's a better reply from you, Yoda494.

Much better than from within a previous, when you had accused me of plenty and even said that ... "I can say that anything spewed out of yours is a huge pile of SHT."

We are now progressing as shareholders, albeit 'slowly'. - (Shareholders who generally have been pre-conditioned by a 'divide and conquer' mentality in our society - that's been a winner for them, over a number of years now.)

To put it simple, I just happen to be one of those long suffering shareholders you talk of in your post.

Disclosure from Looksmart?

Let me assure you that everything they have done (on the surface - can be argued successfully by the Co), has almost been disclosed at least 'once'. (In filings, etc)

If you accept that the AdCenter platform & marketplace IS what I claim it to be (following some 10 yrs of solid research on the subject), you will also grant that it has cost many millions of development dollars in the building of it.

Microsoft (I maintain), is (and has been) recovering its own share of the 'development' costs through the likes of AppNexus and a number of other (many) private Co "users", of the platform. ASK has done like-wise but more directly, over the past few years. Channels (and certain global marketplaces - Canada, the UK and Australia, for starters) can be clearly shown to have 'mysteriously' come and gone from Looksmart's revenue declarations - and this has all been disclosed in Looksmart's quarterly filings, for all to see. (No questions asked, of course)

I have been posting here for many years and for at least three to four of them, near on all of those posts I've made, were deleted. Why? For my simply telling it as I feel it is or, 'asking the question', that's why.

The main reason for the 'squeaky squirrels' (or, the no 'beating of the drum' re; Looksmart's own involvement - surrounding the OPEN marketplace) has mainly been centered around the 650 odd global ad networks that 'sprung-up' over the past number of years. (Slow accumulation of shares in the Co, is an obvious other.)

Many of the ad networks have been just early-day 'foot-sloggers' and have been virtually "used" by the likes of Microsoft and News Corp et al, to go out and evangelize the "message" of 'change' in how digital media was to be 'bought and sold', on and off the web. - Not knowing that many of them would be made 'obsolete' in such a short period of time.

Where advertisers would then quickly gravitate to the more efficient (and fully automated) BIG BOY players, as can be witnessed today in MediaBrands acquisition notification. (I beg all to read of it! To then understand that little more.)

Looksmart will be 'bringing home the bacon' soon, is my reckoning. - And with what I feel lies ahead, will get to prove to be one of THE biggest 'turn-around' stories in the history of the markets. Wait and see.

Thanks for your reply.

ps; Incidentally - Yahoo are clearly 'filtering' this board with a ban on certain 'key-words' applied to the filter. - - Where-by I have had to 'break' them, so as to be able to post this message in reply to you. WHY? (NYSEMKT:IMO)

pps; Added 4th of May, 2011 - From

< Adding The Campaign Data

MediaBank clearly stated that they want to displace ad networks & demand-side platforms who are currently servicing the agency trading desks (IPG's Cadreon, Omnicom's Accuen, Vivaki's Nerve Center/AOD, WPP's The MIG, etc.). Some DSPs and ad networks likely scoffed at this notion as they are bigger, provide a deeper and broader offering, and have been more well-funded than AdBuyer.

But, this is baby steps for Mediabank as it and Donovan Data Systems have a huge asset today that other DSPs and ad networks do not - all of that cross-channel agency buying data and the agency people who use their system. >