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Google? A Disruption To Search Is Imminent?

What's happening in Search? What lies ahead for Google?

In a comment made to an excellent WebProNews article by Chris Crum today (Will Google Ever Stop Dominating Search?), Kathy Alice Brown (a technologist, author, blogger & SEO consultant) advises readers that she had only written a blog post a week ago, "Will Google Search be Relevant in 5 years?"

...The question is being asked of Google in a number of quarters today (like 'here' & 'here') and coincidentally, they have all come at a time when Google's stock price happens to be taking a bit of a hit - after having reached an all-time high only last month. - Interesting.

Kathy says that..We are seeing the rise of "destination sites" that for specific searches, you use those sites' search functionality rather than searching on Google, because the results are more relevant & possibly more trustworthy - fragmenting the search landscape.

Just for fun, I asked someone not in the technology field a few days ago where she would search for "printer ink" and she answered "Amazon", so Amazon is definitely is making inroads into the shopping searches as this [Chris Crum's own], article states.

Kathy then explains that..With its complicated algorithm and periodic upheavals Google has made it hard for some businesses to do well in organic SEO. And that they appear to be favoring the bigger brands as one commenter as already noted.

The closing part of her comment (below), really caught my attention.

One disruption I see coming is a viable social search.- It might be Facebook's Graph Search or it might be something else- but regardless - I believe it's just a matter of time before we will have that as an alternative to some queries.

Who needs "Destination Sites"?

The ultimate in answering a user's search query habits will be a solution that can provide an instant (in Real Time) 'best' answer to each individual user, and no matter where that search query originates from.

Be it that need for 'a latté' & a phone app search via Yelp (for a nearby cafe) or, in buying an espresso machine by (as one suggests) searching

That if a search was being conducted on Bing, Facebook's Graph Search, topical sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Amazon or, any of the many other search engines ..... then a "same" set of (best) results can be provided on the SERP from off them all-that meets that (each & every) individual user's immediate want or, need.

For this to become that (Kathy's talked of) 'disruption' & the one RTB marketplace - that will favor neither big brands nor any small 'latte cafe' will most certainly require a total neutrality, access to real-time 1st party search data and the technology that can bring it all together - meaning, from 'both ends'/advertisers-publishers.

Have we (so quickly) forgotten PLAs?

[That lend themselves to] An integration (of) Search & Display?

We'd been told within LookSmart's Rejection of PEEK Investment's Unsolicited Tender Offer that among its assets is LookSmart's market positioning as a:

  • Scalable search advertising platform for ad networks;
  • Independent ad network able to integrate Search and Display and deliver an efficient marketplace for advertisers and publishers; and, an....
  • Independent ad network able to deliver high quality traffic to advertisers and high value advertising opportunities to publishers.

Note PEEK were successful in their bid and new CEO Michael Onghai (who had headed up the consortium) has delivered his Initial Report.

(PEEK had actually purchased a total 8,447,647 shares adding to the 836,312 already owned by their affiliates. PEEK now own some 54% of the total outstanding shares of the Company.)

The Co's Shareholders had previously been told:

That: LookSmart is well positioned to capture the market (for the) integration (of) Search and Display and the global opportunities for an independent integrated online advertising platform. (Read it.)

Shareholders were also told in a conference call following Q2 results, that Looksmart's technology was now capable of 'handling' up to 100 billion 'events' per day within an OPEN, independent Marketplace.

How, Where and When?

It's from within the amended FORM SC 14D9/A (Filed 08/03/12) is the LOOKSMART LTD CC transcript-where Looksmart's previous CEO advises all of the Co's plans, for what lies ahead. (In 2013)

..."When discussing game-changing events for online advertising with our customers and partners, there is strong consensus regarding the significant value an integrated Search & Display open marketplace would have for them."

Hopefully (swanson1), the above opinion of mine is sufficient to answer your own (so sad), last four comments - that you have made, HERE.

As always, only an opinion.

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ps; "The truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed ~ Second, it is violently opposed and Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."- Arthur Schopenhauer

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