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Osama Bin Laden's Death - - A true Revelation

The announced death of Osama Bin Laden.

This is truly great news Folks!!

Yes. ("The latest breaking news around the world from hundreds of sources, all in one place.")

Note the number of 'Tweets' coming to that above linked site and where those 'feeds' are coming from. - - - Sites that include Twitter, TwitPics plus Google's YouTube, MSNbc itself, CNN and yFrog, along with the (english) AlJazeera - for 'starters'. - Plus many more.

< This site is owned by, who, is trying to provide that kind of connection through its Breaking News trifecta - - — - - a branded web domain, Twitter feed, and Facebook page, complemented by three mobile apps — that aims to be a curation engine for breaking news.

The idea is to collect the biggest stories of the moment, in near real-time, from hundreds of news sources worldwide — including, often, eyewitness accounts shared on social media by people at the scene of breaking - news events. Google News-style, the feature aggregates stories from around the web and links out, when possible, to their full versions. River-of-news-style, it strips stories of their narrative and context, honing them down to their headlines.

Australian LOOK shareholders reading this instapost here (and after their checking of the above link) should also note and be pleased to see the Ads being shown. (I have had 'Lite n Easy', Suncorp, Qantas and targeted Ads for Brisbane based business'.)

One such Ad that (I feel) is being served by Google. (Living Social Deals)

<script type="text/javascript" src="hXXp://"></script>

Check this!!!! - - -

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Google-site-verification: qJmKyq8KAqEk9ZeKSmV1XxDdt63KRXqe3J2vX4HDgQss206703882302

Yes. LivingSocial Bargains

Waterford Chiropractic Clinic
36 Loganlea Road
Waterford, QLD 4133
07 3805 1656

Is just a little over 200 metres/yards from my home!! - - Not bad 'targeting' for someone who has just hurt my lower back. Are they now able to read a person's mind? - I guess so! I read theirs. And it was 4 or, 5 years ago that I had told texas4qld, that THIS was to happen. :)

Nearby Deals


From research "notes" (& as recorded/untouched), back on 12/12/2008.

Online Ad Network PremiumChannels Nets Niche Viewers

Premium Network, Inc. today launched, an ad network service that can target niche audiences and customize interactive marketing campaigns for your e-commerce site. RSS feeds and News widgets on

Check their "Client" List here: -

They offer: -

It's all part of the PV Media Group - is an innovative online social news community consisting of traditional media, bloggers, staffers, stringers and citizen journalists delivering the most up to date, unbiased news and buzz from the news around the world. offers readers in-depth coverage from every vantage point across multiple platforms including aggregated media sources, firsthand blog posts, pod- and video-casts, twitter posts, news buzz from around the web, opinion polls and comments.

Traffic to is generated by SEO services from Prime Visibility and is monetized with ads from AdOn Network and Premium Access Media.

Visit Breaking News for more information.

And an older announcement tells us, that......

PV Media Group Acquires Ad, SEO/SEM Leaders AdOn Network, Prime ...
Trading Markets (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA AdOn Network (, founded in 1999, is one of the largest contextual and behavioral advertising networks online, providing innovative solutions ...

If you scroll your mouse over the Ads here in the site linked below you will see a reference to Ad-Center (albeit broken), as I have shown it.

"Perhaps the most exciting component of is the domain name itself," PV Media Group CEO Steve Rosenberg says. ... ......."Instantly securing a highly trafficked domain name like this, encompassing a term that has become such a significant part of the global vernacular, holds tremendous value for advertisers seeking prime online real estate with guaranteed traffic."

PV Media Group launches, securing domain name of valuable, highly searched term in online news

The "Breaking News" (sample below) is coming from many of the usual ( "suspect" AdCenter partners and does also include a long known of AdCenter publisher partner, in The NY Times.

Readers can make up their own minds on this subject of an "all in together - this fine weather" (compatibility) requirement relating to both ad serving & receiving and a "uniform" reporting (& accounting) system that Looksmart's AdCenter is more than capable of managing.

Breaking Now:
Oh well. - It just keeps on getting bigger and better, is how I'm seeing it!


PV Media Group, Inc & AdOn Network -

Prime Visibility -

In recent postings here [Facebook "Deals" - Looksmart and Canada?] it was suggested that  among the ..... Facebook Deals Being Unveiled I had posted:

You can almost 'bet your next week's wages' that OZ site Cudo will be involved, and up to it's chin, at that.
They will in time. - At the moment (I guess), it's Living Social who will be 'getting a jumper' in the starting line-up.

Great news for the world re; the announced death of Osama Bin Laden. And great news for Looksmart shareholders, if my own above 'findings' prove to be correct. Time will tell, as it always does! The Co is to report this Tuesday (after market close) and with any news, will it include:

Looksmart's "AUDIENCE BOMB" is about to be 'dropped'?



Re: Osama Bin Laden's Death - - A ...

"O" ... From the 1st linked article (DSP Grenades):

< Not only do you need a custom algorithm that can handle billions of daily impressions, with possibly hundreds of variables per impression, and thousands of values per variable, but it will also need to normalize across disparate data sources, dynamically adjust to new, rapidly varying data on a daily basis, and account for nonlinear relationships between variables.

And above all that, your RTB algorithm needs to provide transparent insight into what it's doing

The last line in MetaMarket's own advice:

< .....The next installment will go into the architecture of Druid, how queries work - - and how the system can scale out to handle query hotspots and high cardinality data sets.

For now, we leave you with a benchmark:

* Our 40-instance (m2.2xlarge) cluster can scan, filter, and aggregate 1 billion rows in 950 milliseconds.>

On that, I will now 'rest my case'.

: Long LOOK and so happy to be there, too!