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Looksmart-Facebook Display Ads - Industry Insiders in Complete Denial

Ari Paparo, who works in Product Management at AppNexus, was formerly with Google and DoubleClick, and is (no doubt) a very clever man.


On his blog [Facebook as Leader in Display] Ari advises his followers that

"I tweeted my displeasure over the misleading headlines making the rounds that Facebook accounted for 31% of online display market share. - A lot of fellow tweeters agreed or disagreed so I thought I would explain."

That 'Tweet' (as it appeared on Twitter) - again.

aripap Ari Paparo
Facebook does NOT have 31% share of display. They have 100% share of Facebook, which is a totally different market from "display".

One such comment (in agreeance or, disagreeance?), came via another 'player in the space', in XplusOne.

XplusOne Michael
nice POV on Facebook #displayads and recent news about their proliferation #display #digitalmedia

I had replied to XplusOne's Michael and sent the following note (as a question), to the IAB. (My Tweets193) - As yet, I have not had a reply. I will send this instapost containing my own 'take' on how I see 'display' and Facebook Ads, as described below.

I can only hope for a reply back, from both Ari or, the IAB.

Interconnector Ross Bradley
@iab Why r all so oblivious to what appears to be evolving around Looksmart advertising/publisher solutions?

Malibu Rum is a strong Brand and just like any other (big or, small) brand or, global business, it it welcomed to set up and maintain it's very own FREE page on Facebook.

Facebook's approx. 600 million odd members do a helluva lot of interacting with each other (many daily), and often visit other sites from around the web.

In doing so, Facebook (no doubt) give all brands and (big and small) global businesses an opportunity then, to "buy" from it, such simple banner 'display Ads' like that of Malibu's, linked here:

The 'display' Ads can then be bought CPA, CPV or, whatever.  (And can be put into an immediate 're-targeting' mode.) - - By the very same Facebook brands or, those millions of global small business-advertisers (who have those 'free pages' from within FB's membership), that can then use them - to 'target' any individual FB member across the web.

Certainly when or, wherever they are at or, when visiting other sites on the web. - (All those, who just happen to be partner publisher sites within the now fast growing Looksmart, global advertising network's marketplace. - Is just my opinion)

And ........ As clearly WAS THE CASE in the 'targeting' of me (and, via a Facebook Malibu "spirit" display Ad), only yesterday.

[ Update: May 11th - Here is Malibu unobtrusively 're-targeting' me (in the run of entries), on my "Most Recent" posts made, view page - just today on Facebook. (What a winner Facebook Ads will prove to be)

2 hours ago
Who’s throwing a BBQ this weekend? We hope we’re invited!3 hours ago · 42141 · Like · ]

I have no doubt that both Yahoo and Google are already Looksmart partners (besides Facebook) and I had noticed or, noted geo-targeted Google Ads on Yahoo before yesterday, too!!

  They are B-a-c-k Again !!! -- Re: They are B-a-c-k Again !!!

What does surprise me (well it doesn't really - I have been totally denied comment space on many industry sites - & ignored for years now), is the complete 'shut-down' on anything that remotely relates to Looksmart or, anything that has ever been published here on my blog.

And having Facebook Ads (plus Google Ads) appearing on either a Yahoo Site and a site of the YPN or, Yahoo's 850 strong newspaper alliance, ISN'T quite news?

Ari .. Facebook may NOT have 31% share of display, yet..But...

A Fledgling Industry in complete DENIAL !!! 

It's almost sickening-The (what appears to be - in this case?) "denial", that comes from the likes of an Ari Paparo and the 'damage control' from the highest peaks in the industry. []

Yes, I know:

Google has Responded About Opening DoubleClick Ad Exchange To Intermediary Inventory Sources -

But has Google been asked about it's many geo-targeted Ads (back to Australia), being served on the Yahoo Finance site, as yet? So, how are they getting there, one may ask? (For starters?)

Whilst it was Zach Coelius, the CEO of Triggit  who had 'coined the phrase "All warfare is based on deception."- This surely is or, can be proven to have now become more than just a case of deception-a case of the blatant 'picking of the pockets' of Looksmart's shareholders and of the highest degree. []

While Industry Insiders continue accumulating all they can daily and LOOK's own Board members - - - being issued low costing (strike rate) options and in their having had profit sharing in place now -- and, for the past 3 or, 4 profitable quarters is almost criminal-is my (now), a totally disgusted feeling. -

GREED! SHAME! - Just an opinion, as always.
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ps; This makes sense:

Disclosure: Long LOOK and I have to be happy, to be so...